By: Ramona Sukhraj

on September 3rd, 2016

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How Will Content Marketing Evolve in 2017? 5 Experts Chime In! [Video & Infographic] Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Ramona Sukhraj

 on September 3rd, 2016

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How Will Content Marketing Evolve in 2017? 5 Experts Chime In! [Video & Infographic]

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365 days goes by in a flash.

It seems like only yesterday, we were hunting down and sharing 2016 industry predictions, but with September in full swing, it’s time to start setting our eyes on the new year.

2017 will be here before we know it, people, and like every year until now, it is likely to hold a lot change and unavoidable challenges for inbound marketers that could be a bit intimidating if we’re not ready for them.

So, what can we do to prepare, you ask? --- Besides curl up in a ball in the corner and going to our happy places?

To help us get a better idea of what may be coming our way and how to plan for it, Joei Chan and the team over a Mention, reached out to several industry influencers and asked them, “how will content marketing evolve in 2017?”

In the video below, five experts chime in with some truly insightful responses.

The video features appearances and advice from:

Here are just a few of their predictions:

  • New Content Types: “Content marketers are going to have to get more unique with the types of content they create; they’re going to have to get higher quality, and they’re going to have to get more niche.” - Rand Fishkin
  • New Metrics: “I think we’ll start to see blog and video teams talk about chase metrics like daily and weekly active users. You’re going to see them start making hooks to drive user retention…” - Sam Mallikarjunan
  • New Detail: “The key is going to be taking really high level concepts, thinking of all the pain points someone might have along the way...and then writing really specific content around those pain points.” - Benji Hyam
  • New Competition: “Winning at content marketing will feel a lot more like playing Powerball than playing scratch tickets...In terms of how to win those big jackpots, I would seriously consider doing Facebook and Twitter Ads...They can be done really effectively and generate great results.” - Larry Kim
  • New Levels of Quality: “In 2017, content will get shorter, sweeter, more unique, and punchy.” - Sujan Patel


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