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How to Use Video Marketing for Sales Blog Feature

January 12th, 2015 min read

When it comes to creating video content, many people assume the only purpose is to support their marketing strategy. However, great video marketing content is no longer exclusive to only the marketer’s toolbox. The truth is, video can aid both your marketing and sales goals.

By generating video content that spurs engagement, promotes personalization and meets the needs of prospects, you can supercharge your inbound sales process. Try keeping up with today’s ultra-informed buyer by utilizing these video tips to improve your sales.

Answer Questions Beforehand

Sharing video content with prospects is a perfect way to remove roadblocks during the buying process. Not all products and services are easy to grasp. That is why video offers double advantages when it comes to qualifying leads. Try creating a video that answers the top 10 questions a sales person is asked during their initial sales call.

Send this video via email to your prospect before they are routed to a salesperson. This helps better qualify your prospect and prepare them ahead of time before the call. This also gives you more time to dive deeper into you services or products during the call, and less time explaining the simple things.

Get Personal with Your Follow Up

All your salespeople should be sending some kind of follow-up communication after an initial sales call. More than likely in the form of an email. Which is great, but why settle for the norm? If you want to stand out from the crowd, use video to help personalize your post-sale conversations.

Use this opportunity to show demos of the product for further education, reiterate your business value, provide personalized insights. This little touch will make prospects experience a closer, more human, connection with you than a static follow-up email.

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Video Voicemail

In 2015, the number of business emails sent and received per user per day totals 122 emails per day

While it seems that most of them are mundane clutter, occasionally you come across a gem. This is your opportunity to truly stand out from the rest by utilizing video voicemails. Try responding to a prospect with a personal video message, rather than a few paragraphs of text. It is the perfect way to delight your prospects and leave a lasting impression.

Creating a video voicemail does not have to be time consuming. Think of a voicemail that you might leave someone on the phone, then record it as a video. We aren’t talking about creating the next cinema picture here, these videos can be super low maintenance. Just one continuous shot of your face, using an iPhone or your computer's camera and uploaded to your computer.  

Video Email Signatures Are Your Friend

How many emails does your sales team send daily? Ever consider putting a video thumbnail link in your email signature? I mean, you put social media icons in your signature with hopes of someone following you, why not a video in hopes that someone wants to get to know you?

True Focus Media Group recently decided they were going to put it to the test. They found that around two hundred people clicked on their social media links, but just over 2,000 people clicked on their link to the video. That’s about eight times the click-throughs on the video link over the social media links!

Have all your customer-facing employees create short, sweet, and to the point videos explaining who they are, what their role is, and a few fun facts about themselves. As a rule of thumb, keep these videos between thirty to ninety seconds. Anything longer is a bit much for a simple introductory video. Link the thumbnail image to a landing page on your website where they can view it and add a CTA to the end to keep them engaged.

This is just one more example of your ability to make a more human connection with your prospects.

Spice up Your Proposal

The content you develop isn’t about you anymore – it’s about your target audience. In our content-centric world, readers are accustomed to personalized content that delivers the information they’re looking for — quickly. Prospects who receive tailored content are forty percent more willing to buy.

So, why not keep that personalization going even when it comes to text-heavy proposals? You can! With video. Here are a few ways to utilize video in your sales proposals.

  • Client testimonials: Ask a few of your former clients to speak about their experience with your company.

  • Team introductions: Have your sales team or the account management team your potential client will be working with film a brief introduction. This allows you to put a face to your company, make it feel more personal and instill trust.

  • Product or service demonstrations: Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it. Use this opportunity to create a video that shows what a potential client can expect to receive when working with you.

Bottom Line

There are many ways you can stand out in a crowded marketplace by utilizing video in your marketing strategy, but video is also a compelling way for a salesperson to stand apart from your competitors.

Don’t keep waiting. It’s time to get started. Arm your sales team with the tools they need to rock the competition.

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