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By: Dan Baum on November 9th, 2012

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How to Put Your Readers to Sleep With Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing

content marketingIt's obvious that when writers start out their day, their ultimate goal isn't to bore their readers. But no experienced writer can say that they've never written some not-so-spectacular content. Especially when their industries aren't as exciting as others! A lot of companies could use a content marketing revamp.

So what do you do? How can you improve your content marketing so that you can guarantee you're not putting your readers to sleep? This post will tell you some of the biggest mistakes writers make, and how you shouldn't be writing your content.

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Here is a list of things that you cannot do when writing your content! Think of them as anti-tips!

Show Off Your Industry Smarts With Fancy Lingo

If you're including big, sophisticated words that even you had to look up before writing your content, it's going to turn people away. Just say what you mean, no need to make yourself sound professional. People are coming to your blog to read your content because they know that you know what you're talking about. They wouldn't be there if you needed to prove it to them! It can be extremely condescending to readers; don't bluntly say that you are smarter then them with your words. It's less effective, and people will learn less from your marketing.

The reason that traffic goes to your blog or website is so that they can learn. If it was easier to learn with dry, unhuman conversation, then we wouldn't need teachers or professors to teach us! We would sit at home reading a textbook. Yes, it's extremely boring! So writing like you'd speak is way more effective.

Think of speaking to a California surfer bum. "That was a narly breaker bruh. I'm amped to be on dawn patrol and throw some fades bruddah." What was that? That's exactly what I thought.

Don't Stop Talking. Keep Rambling

I always love reading a super long post. No. Be short and concise with your content marketing, and get your point across quickly. You don't want to lose people's attention. Next

Never Include Pictures with Your Content Marketing

No matter who reads this, they will prefer a book with pictures over one without them. So give them what they are looking for! But be careful, don't use cheap clip art or images that are obviously stock photos. Throw in an infographic or a picture of your company retreat. Those are always fun to look at :)


Don't Give Your Audience What They Want

Really what's the point of a blog? Then again, what's the point of your website? To attract your customers. SO you need to give them a reason to read what you're writing. In an ideal world, I would write about baseball and the Yankees, but I can't because nobody would read it! You need to tailor to your audience, and give them the information that they came to YOU for. That is the point of content marketing!

Float Through Your Writing Without Backing it Up

If I told you that on the day after tomorrow, the sun would stop shining, and the world would become a Harry Potter movie, you not only would look at me funny, but you'd want to know why. Why will this happen? Where did you get this information? How is this going to occur? Believe it or not (The sun will not stop shining, and Harry Potter is fiction), people will question you and your controversial facts. So back them up. Include your sources and add links to these sources so that your leads can see for themselves!

Now that you know what not to do, it's time to fix that content! Get started improving your content marking ASAP!

What do you find dreadful when reading bad content marketing?

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About Dan Baum

Dan Baum is a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT. For several years, he's aided in client strategy execution and content creation.

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