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By: Dan Baum on December 4th, 2012

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Email Newsletters: Creating a Powerful, Lead Generating Template

email newsletterSure, everyone loves some variety now and then. Spicing things up isn't a bad thing. But when it comes to your email newsletters, your leads respond to consistent branding and conveyed value. This is why keeping a steady, standard email newsletter format is so important when it comes to pleasing your leads.

When nurturing leads you want to have different campaigns that treat different leads differently. This is not the case with your monthly newsletters. You want to give leads what they are looking for, so making sure that your newsletters are the same is very important! This post will highlight a few of the key parts of your newsletters that need to remain constant as you pass from month to month.

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Keep Your Timing The Same

Clockwork? Or your email newsletter? They should be the same thing. No matter how often you send it out, it needs to be at the exact same time. Just like your blog or your local evening news, your readers need to be able to rely on your newsletter so that they can properly prepare to read it! A constant schedule tells your subscribers that you are a professional company, and that you have some sort of credibility.

Email newsletters are great for reminding leads as well. Don't be surprised if you see a spike in sales right after you send a newsletter out. You should also pick a schedule that is possible for you to be able to keep and maintain. Make it habitual!

Have An Email Newsletter Template

You obviously can't say the same things over and over again and call them email newsletters. You need some kind of variability. But your formatting doesn't need to change! Your logos should stay in the same spots and your color scheme needs to be the same. This is how your leads recognize you! They should be able to know what your email newsletter will look like even before they open it.

What would happen if a site like Wikipedia just switched all its pages around? And you had to use a magnifying glass to find the search bar? Annoying right? Well leads can get annoyed with this as well. It builds reader loyalty, and it makes it easier for leads to find the parts of your newsletter that they want to read. When your overall design is consistent, it becomes user friendly.

While keeping your overall format the same, it is possible to have themed email newsletter like around the holidays or summer vacation. Adding this little bit of flair maintains your design, but gives readers something new to see.

Messages / Takeaways Should Be Identical

Make sure that when writing your email newsletters, the true voice of your company comes through. The point of your brand needs to be obvious within all your newsletters. Your leads should recognize that it's from your company. You also want to have the same sort of style and voice as your website content and blog.

Don't be afraid to add in personal stories or anecdotes in your email newsletters however. Just don't overpower the message your trying to send your readers.

By keeping your email newsletters consistent, you build up a level of trust between you and your customers, which is the ultimate goal of email marketing.

What things does your company change or keep the same when emailing customers?

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