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By: James Desmond on December 6th, 2012

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How to Create “Clickable” Craigslist Ads


craigslist adsOver the past few years posting Craigslist ads has become a very good source for gaining website traffic and creating more exposure for your small business, but most importantly, you can post for free!

Almost everybody has heard of Craigslist.com and possibly posted a quick craigslist ad with a few pictures and a brief description. However, it’s very simple to create and post a “clickable” free ad for your business or your clients that looks professional and will engage your audience.

What is a Clickable Craigslist Ad?

A clickable ad is designed so your audience can easily click through from the craigslist ad straight to your landing page or website in a matter of seconds. Another great aspect of creating a professional looking ad is to have your ad stand out compared to your competitors.

I know you’ve heard the phrase “nothing is free”, but wait, posting professional looking ads on craigslist can be free if you know where to begin.

Where to Begin

There are basically two great websites that will let you open a basic account, create your “clickable” ad, and generate an html code for you to easily copy/paste into the description section of the ad.


This website allows you to create your first ad completely free and effectively post it wherever you are intending. Using pre-designed templates you can easily benefit from online exposure to your ad while driving traffic to your landing page or website.


This website allows you to create multiple ads for free during your 30-day trial. Gogopin allows you to add text, logos, photos, speech bubbles, and qr codes to create a powerful and professional looking ad within a short period of time.

Set it, Don't Forget to Test It

While both of these websites are only free for a short period of time, it’s a great learning experience for posting ads online and testing which of your compelling offers work better than the other. With over 50 billion page views and 60 million active members per month, Craigslist cannot be overlooked from a marketing standpoint.

For more information about how you can get started today please visit either site and open up your free account!

Interested in turning these tips into actual results? Schedule your free inbound marketing assessment and one of our marketing experts will help you get started!

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About James Desmond

As a senior account manager, James was responsible for the daily management of his POD and the inbound marketing campaigns for their client base. James spent his six years prior to joining the IMPACT team, heavily involved in all aspects of inbound marketing as it relates to clients of various industries throughout the world. His wide range of experience has enabled him to successfully work with clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. When he's not perfecting his black belt in inbound marketing, you can find him outside hiking and exploring with his dog, Deziree Desmond.

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