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How to Create a Brand That Your Target Audience Can't Resist

How to Create a Brand That Your Target Audience Can't Resist Blog Feature

January 20th, 2015 min read

Screen-Shot-2015-01-15-at-10.09.02-AM-compressorAs technology continues to take over, you've probably found that resonating with the right audience online requires far more cognative effort than a face-to-face interaction would. 

Wondering why?

Quite simply, it's hard to play to the room when you can't actually see your audience. 

With that said, if marketers wan't to attract and persuade the right audience, they must be comitted to clearly defining their buyer personas before any content is created. The more information collected, the easier it is to visualize your audience, and in turn, create content that resonates. 

To help put this into perspective, we've gathered up 3 examples of brands that know their audience, and as a result, are creating some standout, targeted content. 

Simple Online Banking

In 2009, Josh Reich and Shamir Karkal started work on what they referred to in it's early stages as a "retail bank that doesn't suck."

With a commitment to doing better for the customer, Reich and Karkal introduced Simple, an all-electronic consumer banking service designed to take the headache out of banking. 

Simple Banking App Content Example

The keyword (well, keyword phrase) to remember here is "commitment to doing better for the customer." 

In an effort to create something irresistable, Simple tackles a long list of industry frustrations head on. 

Take a look at this bit of copy on their website:

"You shouldn't have to get out a calculator just to figure out if you can afford a new pair of shoes or a nice dinner out. At most banks, "Current Balance" shows you how much is in your account, but then you have to mentally deduct your upcoming rent, the groceries you're buying this week, and the gift you have to buy for your cousin's wedding.

Safe-to-Spend® does all the math for you by taking your balance and subtracting upcoming bill payments, pending transactions, and any Goals you're saving for."

By innovating the banking experience, Simple has had no trouble differentiating their service to help them standing out in a sea of inconveniences and complaints. 

Method Test Prep

Often times, parents take on the responsibility of finding the right SAT tutor for their child. 

Method Test Prep not only recognizes this, but they've tailored their content strategy to ensure that when parents go looking for solutions, their company turns up.

Having identified that persuading children to study online was a reoccuring pain point amongst prospective customers, Method Test Prep took to their blog to create a resource aimed at resolving this issue:

Method Test Prep Blog Content Example

This type of hyper-targeted content helps to position Method Test Prep as a brand that parents can trust. A brand that gets them. 

By using their blog as a tool to address their persona's most common pain points, Method Test Prep is increasing their ability to connect with their ideal customers.

Planet Fitness 

In an effort to differentiate themselves from the competition, Planet Fitness has identified and committed to a previously unexplored niche. 

By marketing itself as a "Judgement Free Zone", Planet Fitness aims to appeal to the casual gym goer. In doing so, they've devised a social media strategy that reflects just that. 

Between encouraging the #NoGymtimidaiton hashtag and highlighting membership perks like Pizza Mondays, Planet Fitness manages to upkeep a friendly, inviting feeling. 



(Yes, you heard me right. The first Monday of every month they serve the gym.)

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