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By: John Bonini on October 22nd, 2012

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How to Be the King of Content Marketing (New Ebook!)


content marketingThe following is a preview of IMPACT's brand new ebook, "How to Be the King of Content Marketing." For more expert tips on creating remarkable marketing content, be sure to check out the full ebook here.

You've heard it many times before; content is king.

But what does it even mean? Don't all websites have content or some sort of written text on every page?

Perhaps. But just because there's about 30 pizza restaurants per square inch in New York City doesn't mean they're all making great pies. Some surely stand out amongst the crowd. (Shout out to Grimaldi's.)

And how do you stand out? With remarkable marketing content! The Internet and search engines like Google have pretty much become the new Yellow Pages for the 21st century. With so many consumers taking to the web to conduct product research, it's critical that you're standing out among the crowd as well.

This won't happen with your standard, run-of-the-mill marketing content. Instead, your focus needs to start shifting toward offering your website visitors a valuable, resourceful experience through keyword-rich content, blog posts, premium offers, and other forms of content that are proven to generate more qualified traffic and leads.

Interested in learning more about creating more remarkable marketing content? Be sure to check out the full ebook!

Becoming King of Content Marketing

At the heart of every successful marketing campaign is the presence of remarkable content that generated qualified website traffic and leads. The challenge is shifting your marketing from the standard content that pollutes most of the web to the kind of content that will actually drive traffic to your website and more importantly, generate leads.

Diversify your Content

Not all of your website visitors are at the same stage of the buying cycle when visiting your site. Don't assume they're all top-of-the-funnel, and also don't assume they're all sales-ready. Committing either of these errors will drastically affect your ability to generate leads.

Instead, it's important to learn how to craft content for all different levels of the buying cycle, and learning how and where to use it in order for it to be most effective.

Managing your Content

Blogs. Ebooks. Landing pages. Email marketing. It can all seem a bit overwhelming. How are you supposed to manage it all among the countless other tasks you have going throughout the day?

We've detailed the most successful organizational tactics, including how to craft your editorial calendar, and how to manage and stay ahead of all the marketing content you'll need to execute a successful campaign.

Your Analytics

Are you currently using any type of marketing software in order to track and measure your success? If not, you're at an extreme disadvantage, as more and more companies are using data and analytics to make improvements to their marketing campaigns.

Staying on top of your data and analytics will provide you with everything you'll need to improve your content marketing and also give you direction for it moving forward.

The Keys to Partnerships and Outsourcing

Many times, content marketing is too much for our clients to handle. However, before you jump into a partnership or outsourcing, it's important to know soem key principles and things to look for.

After all, considering content marketing is king, it's important not to just hand this task off to anybody.

It's Good to Be the King

In IMPACT's brand new ebook, we detail the entire process, from idea generation to potential partnerships in order to provide a blueprint for content marketing success.

Be sure to check out the full ebook...

Proving the ROI from Inbound Marketing

About John Bonini

As the Marketing Director of IMPACT from 2013-May 2015, John lead the IMPACT marketing team. He also wrote for the HubSpot Blog, Social Media Examiner, and Convince & Convert among others. In his free time, John enjoys playing guitar, high-fives, and anything with marinara sauce.

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