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Brittany Balog

By: Brittany Balog

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November 7th, 2012

How to Apply Buyer Personas to your Everyday Marketing

Buyer Personas

buyer personasEvery inbound marketing campaign has several pieces. Blog articles, social media, email marketing, and landing pages are all pieces that give you an opportunity to directly reach your buyer personas. Buyer personas are the key to making your inbound marketing campaign successful and bringing in sales to your company.

Your buyer personas are who you are trying to reach. If you understand everything about them, where they live, what they like, what they need, their goals and objectives you will be able to optimize your content in several ways to reach your buyer personas and keep them happy. The following list describes 10 simple ways to optimize your inbound marketing efforts to better target your buyer personas.

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10 ways to Reach your Buyer Personas Everyday

Use their language

Depending on the industry and type of platform you are using (blog, Facebook, Twitter) it is important that your readers understand you. You don’t want to use too many industry terms if your readers are at the top of the sales funnel. By using their language your readers can get the information they are searching for and relate with your brand. If you are targeting professionals you don’t want to use abbreviations and online jargon…lol. They may not understand this or not see you as a professional resource.

Social Circles

Find out where your buyer personas are hanging out and go there! Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, do they prefer lots of tweets instead of longer blog content? By being part of your personas social circles you make yourself more credible and it will be easier for you to be found. Look for trends and places your personas visit and present yourself in these areas.

Optimize your SEO with phrases your personas use

This is where you need to be creative and get into the mind of your customer. Optimize your website content to the way your buyer personas speak. Think about multiple terms for one specific product that may be used in search engines. You can use your personas language, and terms they use as keywords in your campaign to make marketing efforts more successful.

Solve their problem through your offers

What is your personas problem? Solving this problem is going to get you sales ready leads. If you can provide an offer that solves a problem and put a form behind it you will increase your lead generation. This is a win-win situation. You solve your personas problem and you get a lead in return!

Partner with people your persona loves

This is similar to engaging in your personas social circles. By engaging with other industry experts that your personas love they will be more apt to look at your content and establish trust with your brand. You can guest blog on their favorite blog, co-market with a company they idolize or engage heavily with their social media.

Timing is everything

Make your content sync with your personas lifestyle. Do your personas work a regular 9-5, are they only in the office until noon, do they check their social media at 2:00pm everyday? Understanding when your personas will come across your content will help you market better. Also, if they are in a different time zone you need to make sure content is scheduled appropriately.

Create blog content that is similar to your personas favorite blog content

Knowing what your personas want to read and providing this in an educational how-to way you’ll gain loyal readers. Look at blog posts, websites and magazines that your personas already read and try to make your content similar to those resources. If there is a particular writing style, or type of information your persons prefer to read you can use this information to revise your content to be similar.

Optimize emails and landing pages

When creating landing pages, create a need for your product. Make it solve your personas problem rather than taking a sales pitch. Don’t create a page about why you think the product is important, put the offer in context to create a desire for the reader to want to obtain this product.

When sending emails, make sure they are entertaining and not to sales-y. Engage the reader with content they would want to read and once again use their language when speaking to them. Make sure you are providing an offer or information that pertains to what they have searched for and is relevant to their needs.

Understand their humor and use this strategically

Humor can be very useful, but can also be very damaging. As a 22 year old woman I am not going to find the same things funny as a 50 year old man. If you understand what makes your persona laugh, you can easily optimize your content to put a smile on their face.

 Align your sales team with your personas buying process

When you are guiding your personas down your sales funnel it is important to understand how long it takes for them to make buying decisions and move on to the next step. It is also important to understand what key information they look for when making a buying decision. If you can provide a key piece of information it can speed up the sales process. Make sure your sales team is aware of the preferences.

By utilizing these few simple steps you can reach your buyer personas in your everyday marketing efforts. Read our ebook, "Ultimate Guide to for Creating Profitable Buyer Personas" or Contact IMPACT to learn more about the importance of your buyer personas.

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Brittany Balog was a Senior Account Manager at IMPACT from 2012-2013. During her time here, she enjoyed diving into her client's organizations and developing comprehensive Inbound strategy to achieve their goals.

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