By: Bob Ruffolo

on June 8th, 2012

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How Do I Drive More Relevant Traffic to My Website? Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Bob Ruffolo

 on June 8th, 2012

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How Do I Drive More Relevant Traffic to My Website?

Search Engine Optimization | Keyword Analysis | Link Building

Lead generationSo you have a website. You paid someone to design it and put it together, you have some contact information on there, and you added some other media to help further engage visitors. But for whatever reason, whenever you look at your visitor count, you’re seeing little to no increase in visitors – or possibly no visitors at all. What gives?

Getting visitors to your website takes a lot more than just having a website parked on some domain. You have to have your site optimized, and you have to promote your site not only for more traffic, but also for more effective lead generation. If you’re wondering how you can get more traffic coming through to your site, here are some techniques that you should implement ASAP:

Use Search Engine Optimization

If you aren’t familiar with search engine optimization (also known as SEO), then either learn how to work it immediately or have a professional inbound marketing or SEO firm go to work on fine tuning your website. Having a site that is optimized for the search engines in a proper way will result in your site coming up in the first few pages of search results and also improve your lead generation. Most people who are looking for your company will only go to page 2 or 3 of Google search and no further, so you want to make sure that your site is optimized so that it’s easy for the search engines to find, and so that it can outrank your competition.

Some examples of search engine optimization include:

- Keywords and keyword phrases

- Backlinks

- Meta-tags

Start Social Networking

The best way to promote your site is to use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Social networking sites are a great way to advertise your site for a price that every business owner loves (it’s free!) and you have the potential to reach out to hundreds of millions of people with just one post. No other marketing technique could possibly get you that kind of exposure.

When you open up your social media accounts, make sure that every profile is fully filled out with your company’s details: phone number, email address, web address, and so on. Having your company’s mission statement or “purpose” listed on your profile will also give people a better idea of what you’re about and can further encourage them to do business with you instead of the competition.

As mentioned in our free Ebook “Social Media Tune Up”, once you get posting, keep in mind that the reason for the social media site is to lead people back to your site. Use your posts to provide some teaser content and then link them back to your site or blog to find out more information about a groundbreaking or interesting story, a fantastic promotion you’re having, and so on.

TIP: To keep people engaged, make sure you mix in some appropriate posts that may be related to topics not necessarily related to your company or industry. Everyone loves a talking dog or a piano playing cat, so why not post those videos if you find them cute or entertaining?

Move Towards Video Marketing

It’s been proven time and time again that people prefer videos, especially mobile phone users. This is particularly important as mobile phone users are far more inclined to make a purchase than, say, someone who’s looking up your site at home from their PC.

People prefer videos because they’re able to get a lot of information in a short amount of time. Not only that, but having a video that features yourself or an employee will make your business seem more trustworthy. People like doing business with people that they trust, so this will definitely work to your advantage.

Whenever you have a video, upload it to YouTube and post a link to it on your social media sites.

Consider a Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

This one may really depend on the kind of budget that you have for marketing, but a great way to get more traffic to your site is to start up a pay per click, or “PPC” marketing campaign. Joining Google AdSense can bring in a ton of qualified and targeted traffic that wouldn’t otherwise know about your company, so the initial money spent on a PPC marketing campaign may be quickly justified by the increase in traffic that you get coming through to your site.

Key Takeaways:

SEO, blogs, social media and PPC are all great ways to try and not only increase traffic to your site, but increase the amount of “potential customer” traffic coming through. If you feel that your site’s in a bit of a rut, look through our Ebook “Website Redesign 101” for some tips on how you can improve it.

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