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How Do I Create Accurate Buyer Personas?

How Do I Create Accurate Buyer Personas? Blog Feature

January 17th, 2013 min read

It's a question all marketers and business owners have asked themselves.

Who is my ideal prospect?

Where can I find them?

What kinds of things influence their buying behavior?

While buyer personas are a way of characterizing all of this information in an effort to execute a more targeted marketing campaign, they're often a source of confusion for many companies in getting started.

How exactly do you go about creating an accurate buyer persona? How can you possibly attain this information about your target audience? We've put together a valuable resource that helps to outline and detail everything you need to know for creating effective buyer personas.

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Buyer Behaviors

The goal here is to try and picture your buyer in a “daily life” situation.  We think about how they would likely research and look up information before making a purchase.  We ask questions like:

  • What sort of products or services do they spend time online researching?
  • How do they plan on using those products?
  • What do they do online (i.e. are they social media junkies?  Do they read blogs?)
  • Do they like reading “trend” pieces? Current events?  Educational pieces?
  • Do they watch videos or listen to audio (i.e. podcasts)?
  • What kind of keywords do they use when performing searches online?

Once we get a good idea of what you think their buying behaviors will be, we’re able to work with our clients to start creating a tailored and targeted marketing plan that will really help you move your products and services.

Keep it Realistic

While you don’t want to think of a real person specifically in mind when creating your buyer persona (this may cause you to create too specific of a buyer persona that may end up being more limiting than helpful), you can use that “someone” as a sort of template for who the buyer may be.

But it’s important to keep it realistic. Just because you think one group of personas is more adventurous in the buying behavior, doesn’t mean they’re avid skydivers. And really, how would that even help you?

Keep it realistic and relevant to the ultimate goal, which is to more effectively market your services to their interests and needs.

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