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By: John Bonini on April 8th, 2012

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Happy Easter! How the Big Chocolate Brands Use Facebook

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Chocolate BrandsHappy Easter everyone!

Isn't Easter morning awesome? It's pretty much the only time of year when eating chocolate before noon is socially acceptable. Baskets of chocolate eggs and bunnies scatter the house, as kids and parents alike find themselves excitedly unwrapping the foiled eggs and bunnies for hours on end. (Don't you hate when it gets under your fingernails?)

Everyone has their favorites. The classic Russell Stover chocolate bunnies.

Or how about the Cadbury Creme Eggs? Yup, I can certainly put down a disgusting amount of those.

But have you ever wondered just how these big brands like Cadbury, Hershey, Nestlé, and Russell Stover approach their marketing during this time of  year?

Well, it should be of no surprise, but they all (with the exception of Russell Stover, equally as surprising) practice a high level of engagement on their social media sites. Below, I'll go through how each brand approached the holiday this year.

In the meantime, grab a chocolate bunny (the solid ones were always my favorite, none of that hollow stuff) and check out who did the best job in regards to engaging consumers this Easter.

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The Cadbury Creme Egg

The Cadbury candy company actually has a Facebook page completely dedicated to the beloved Creme Egg.

These have been around forever, even becoming synonymous with Easter over the years.

They also do a very good job of advertising, as it's almost impossible for Easter to go by without hearing about the Cadbury Eggs or seeing that timeless commercial with the the various animals dressed up as bunnies.

However, for Easter 2012, Cadbury also engaged their Facebook followers as well as anyone else who came across their page during the Easter season.

The Facebook page for Cadbury hosted what they called the "Cadbury Egg Goo Games," where visitors were encouraged to find unique ways of "getting the goo out" of their eggs, as many as they could, before Easter.

Photos were submitted by visitors who photographed all different sized Creme Eggs being splattered.

Something has been working for Cadbury, as their Facebook page as 2.2 million likes. Make no mistake, a direct correlation can be made between the ways in which Cadbury engages its followers to the large number of followers they have accrued to date.

After all, in an effort to reach and engage more fans, Cadbury made it a requirement to "like" their page before you could participate in the "Goo Games."

That's Facebook marketing at it's finest.

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While Cadbury engaged its fans by implementing a fun online game, Hershey decided to take a different, yet no less effective way of engaging its Facebook fan base.

Hershey decided to post a video to its Facebook page titled, "HERSHEY's Easter: How to Make the Perfect Easter Basket."

The video contained tips for creating the perfect Easter basket, which featured dozens of Hershey products in an effort to advertise while also giving advice to its followers. In just three days, the video was "liked" 189 times and shared a total of 18 times by visitors.

Below the video was a link which led visitors to the Hershey's Bunny Trail, a webpage devoted entirely to sharing Easter tips, stories, and memories from fans from all over as well as Hershey themselves.

Like Cadbury, Hershey boasts a large fan base, with 4.6 million Facebook "likes" to date. Yet another big brand chocolate company who knows how to use social media to its advantage, especially during Holidays.


While Nestlé may have a significantly less fan base than the previous two chocolate brands (only 704 thousand Facebook "likes"), they are still certainly well-versed in marketing techniques when it comes to promoting their brand.

When visiting Nestlé's Facebook page, you're immediately greeted with a coupon for Easter candy called, "Eggcelent Savings," in where a coupon is provided for Facebook fans for "$1 off two (2) bags of Nestlé Crunch Eggs!"

Two other coupons containing other Nestlé products such as Wonka and Butterfinger were also provided, however visitors were prompted to visit the individual Facebook fan pages of both to receive the coupon.

This is a text book way of both driving traffic and generating more Facebook "likes" on all of Nestlé's products.

Russell Stover

So I've saved Russell Stover last for a reason. Inexplicably, they are not on Facebook! (I know, right?)

It just seems silly for a company and brand as big as Russell Stover to completely ignore Facebook. I wish I could come up with a reason why, but it certainly hasn't hurt their image, as their still looked upon as an industry standard for chocolates, most notably their trademark Easter Bunnies.

While Russell Stover doesn't have a Facebook page, they still effectively engage with fans of their brand through their website. When visiting their website earlier this week, I was immediately struck with how many savings offers there were on their homepage for Easter Candy.

The big offer was 25% select Easter Candies by ordering through their website.

Once you add your selected candies to your "basket", you'll be set to checkout and recieve big savings. But not before your contact information is collected, effectively acting as a landing page through an attractive offer.

So while Russell Stover may not be present on Facebook, they've still found effective ways of staying engaged during the Easter season, and chances are you have some of their candies in your basket this morning, so it's hard to argue against their effectiveness.


So go ahead, unwrap all of your sweet treasures! I've taken up enough of your time already, but it is quite interesting to learn of the reasons you may be eating the specific chocolates you are this morning (and all week, let's be honest!)

Social media can be quite a powerful tool, more specifically when it is used to engage consumers in the way that some of these chocolate brands have.

So enjoy your holiday, enjoy your chocolates (or jelly beans) and Happy Easter!

Key Takeaways:

  • Cadbury uses an interactive "Goo Games" to engage with its Facebook followers.

  • Hershey posted an online video on preparing the perfect Easter Basket in an effort to engage fans.

  • Nestlé offered savings coupons on their Facebook page for Facebook visitors to use.

  • Russell Stover, while not on Facebook, effectively uses its website to engage visitors through attractive offers.

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