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Grow Some Leads This Spring: 10 Tips to Create a Strong CTA

Grow Some Leads This Spring: 10 Tips to Create a Strong CTA Blog Feature

April 6th, 2013 min read


Spring is finally here!  The weather is improving and everybody is starting to get outside.  The flowers are in bloom, and we can only hope that winter does not attempt to make a resurgence.

Spring is a great time to start anew and grow.  This is also a great time for businesses to catch some spring fever and attempt to grow their customer base.

If you are generating web traffic, especially to your landing pages, you have the seeds planted.  Now it is time to foster this traffic and create a strong CTA to let these visitors blossom into quality leads.

It only takes the smallest mistake to have your potential lead wither away and die, but don’t panic.  By making sure that your landing page and CTA have certain characteristics you can become a lead generation green thumb in no time!

10 Tips to Create a Strong CTA:

1. Keep it Short

Words to customers are like water to plants.  Too many of them and you will drown your visitors’ attention spans.  You only have a limited time to impress a visitor.  Make sure your visitors know what you are offering them, and entice them to provide you with contact information before they go elsewhere.

2. Be Direct

Just as many plants enjoy direct sunlight, most customers prefer direct language when choosing to take action.  Lengthy wording can come across as very shady and will turn customers away.  Don’t waste a customer’s time.  Use clear language that is consistent with the other pages of your website.

3. Give each CTA its own page

You wouldn't put two large plants in the same pot, so why put two primary CTA’s on the same page?  Two CTA’s on one page creates conflict and confusion that could ultimately end up strangling the life out of both.  Your visitor was focused on doing one thing when they navigated to your landing page.  Keep it that way.

4. Promote your CTA through multiple channels

Feed your call to actions, just as you would feed your plants.  Give your CTA support from various outlets, including social media and your blog.  The more exposure that your various CTA’s get the better.

5. Personalize your CTA’s for various customers

Different potential customers are exactly like plants: they are all different.  Don’t link every customer to the same call to action, because it may not be applicable to them.  Try leading customers to various CTA’s to improve your chances of generating a lead.  Try A/B testing to drive traffic to your most popular CTA’s.

6. Utilize white space effectively

Think of the type of plant that you would put in your front window.  That is your call to action.  You want to showcase your CTA and make sure that it is visible to the customer.  Don’t clutter your CTA with multiple colors and text.  Use white space to draw the attention to your CTA and lead capture form.

7. Make your CTA’s something customers want

Would you give a plant soda?  I would hope not.  Just as plants don’t want human beverages, visitors don’t want to do something that does not benefit them.  We understand that you want a way to contact your potential lead, but remember your marketing.  The best way to create a strong CTA is to give customers what they want and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

8. Make sure your landing page is mobile friendly

Not all plants are lucky enough to be in the ground.  Some are confined to a much smaller pot.  Similarly, not all visitors are lucky enough to access their computers at all times.  Sometimes potential customers will only have access to their mobile devices.  To keep your channels of communication open, make sure that your landing page and CTA are mobile friendly.

9. Position testimonials on your landing page

Think of positive feedback from current customers as Miracle-Gro.  Statistics of benefits that you can provide and testimonials can provide an extra boost to grow your customer base.  Attempt to include some impressive statistics or testimonials on your landing page to support your call to action.  However, just like Miracle-Gro, don’t use too much!

10. Include secondary CTA’s

It is always nice to have a feature flower or plant, but one is the loneliest number.  Despite being focused, a landing page is still another chance to internally promote your business.  Rather than letting multiple primary CTA’s battle it out on one page, try linking to a secondary CTA.  Something as simple as a small link encouraging customers to subscribe to your blog is a great way to start an internal loop.

Sometimes it is the little things that you do that make all the difference.  Traffic is a great thing to have, but without some nurturing it fade away and those potential leads will wilt.  Make sure to feed, water and encourage your visitors to grow into customers.

Happy spring everyone!

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