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By: Bob Ruffolo on July 22nd, 2012

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Generate More Leads with 7 Awesome Landing Page Tips

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Looking for landing page tips to get you generating more leads with your landing pages?  If so, you’re not alone.  A lot of our past and present clients have had great looking landing pages made by fantastic web design teams, but the pages are generating next to no leads.

What’s even more shocking is that very few B2B and B2C companies even use landing pages, despite the fact that they can increase your conversions by 48% or more (Marketing Sherpa, 2011).  Want to know how to get leads with your landing pages?  We've put together this list of seven landing page tips to get you going in the right direction.

Simplicity is Key

Remember that you only have a few seconds to impress a visitor, so you want to make sure that your page is as simple as possible.  Why?  Because the more you make a visitor have to think or seek out what they’re supposed to be doing when on your page, the less likely they are to stay.  Each second that passes with them wondering why they’re there is a huge mark against you and your efforts.

Our content marketers here at IMPACT can be seen putting there heads together when it comes time to generate landing pages, looking for the perfect language and information to entice visitors to submit their contact information.

You can keep it simple in a number of ways, such as through:

  • The design

  • Font size

  • Copy

  • Form length

Your Headline should be Linked to Appropriate Search Terms

This one’s pretty straight forward, but shockingly missed by a lot of web designers.  You want to tell people that they’ve come to the right place, and the best way to do that is to have the search term in the headline.

Your Content should be Easy to Scan

People aren’t interested in reading a ton of informative content when on a landing page.  They’re there to scan the page quickly to help decide whether or not they want to be there, and how it can benefit them. Some ways to make your content super scan-able is to:

  • Write in bullet points

  • Present information in lists

  • Offer a lot of white space to help draw a visitor’s eyes to important information

  • Bold keywords

  • Include interactive content, such as videos or audio clips

At IMPACT, our focus is creating landing page content that is very reader friendly. Blocks of text, or pages without an image are very unattractive and frustrating for readers to get through. A frustrated reader will almost never submit their contact information.

“Sell” an Offer, Not a Product

While your landing page can be used to try and make a sale, when it comes to how to get more leads, they’re best used when combined with free offers.  People love getting things for free, so offer things like:

  • Free Ebooks

  • Free whitepapers

  • Free tutorials

  • Free webinars

Not featuring any free offers to help generate leads? No worries. Give IMPACT a call today to see how you can start generating more qualified leads to your website by implementing premium content.

TIPYour landing page should only be about the offer that you’re making and not about your company.  To keep things simple, cut out any extraneous information about your company or products/services.

Be Smart with your Graphics

Use the wrong graphic, and you can totally blow your chance of converting a visitor into a lead.  Graphics can either distract visitors from the purpose of your landing page, or they can be a huge asset.  Using a picture of a person, for example, who is looking directly at some information will help draw a visitors’ eye to that information as well – that’s an example of good graphic use.  Making the graphic “clickable” and including a caption with it will also go a long way in converting a visitor.

Our designers here at IMPACT take great pride in choosing the right images to fit their graphics. Just by taking a stroll by one of their computer stations, you'll see them tweaking all of their graphics in Photoshop until they feel its perfect and ready to go.

Make Easy Forms

Ask only the questions that need to be asked.  For the most part, the only information that you’ll need from anyone who comes to your landing page is their email address (for email marketing and lead nurturing purposes) and maybe their name.  You don’t need to know their annual income, their age, whether or not they’re married, etc.  Every field that you include on your form reduces your chances of getting a lead.  You can gather more information on your leads later on in the lead nurturing process.

A/B Testing

If you don’t measure the success of your landing page, then you’ll never know how successful it is (and yes, you should definitely have more than 1 landing page).  Shockingly, only 52% of agencies and B2B companies who have landing pages actually test them to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to conversions (Marketing Sherpa, 2011).  Things that you’ll want to test for include:

  • Form length

  • Headlines

  • Submit button placement

  • Graphics

  • Graphic captions

As a good rule of thumb, when testing your landing pages, take the number of conversions you have per day and then divide it by 10.  Take your testing period in weeks and divide it by two.  Multiply the conversions by the weeks and you’ll get a decent number of different versions you should test in your testing period to help determine how successful they are in converting visitors.

Confused on how to get started with A/B testing? Give us a call today and we'll have you testing and measuring your landing pages in no time.

TIPLots of companies haven’t taken advantage of landing pages. Wondering what may be missing from your marketing strategy?  Check out our eBook “Key Components that are Missing from your Marketing Strategy” here for free.

Key Takeaways:

Being simple and straightforward goes a long way when it comes to landing pages.  Make sure that you have a clear and concise message, don’t over use graphics, and make text easy to scan by using bulleted lists, fonts, and font sizes to help draw a visitor’s eyes to key information.

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