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By: John Bonini on November 30th, 2012

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Generate More High-Quality Leads by Marketing to Segmented Lists

marketing to segmented listsAre you guilty of generalizing all of your prospects and leads?

According to Gleanster Research, 50% of your leads are qualified, but are not yet ready to buy. The problem is, however, that many business owners and marketers choose to market to their prospects and leads as if they're all on the same level of the buying cycle.

Whether it be through emails, content creation, or premium offers, if you're simply marketing with no particular criteria in mind, much of your marketing message will either fall on deaf ears or be ignored altogether.

This is why marketing to segmented lists of leads and prospects has become not only a critical component of a successful marketing campaign, but more and more it's becoming mandatory.

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Marketing to Segmented Lists

Choose the Criteria

Once you've generated a lead, the process of pushing them further down the sales funnel has begun.

Email marketing has proven to be most effective at keeping leads engaged during the entire sales process, and with advances in marketing software like HubSpot, it's become even more effective due to the fact that you can now email to segmented lists of leads.

Basically this means that you can send specific emails to only the prospects and leads who would find it relevant. Using the smart list tool in HubSpot, you can create a list by choosing certain criteria, ensuring that your emails are being sent to detailed, targeted lists of prospects.

For instance, you can create a list of all prospects who have downloaded your offer on social media tips, but did not download your advanced offer on Twitter engagement tips. This way, you can now send out your advanced offer on Twitter engagement without annoying prospects or leads (which can result in unsubscribes) who have already downloaded it.

Personalize your Emails

By utilizing email segmentation, your emails will have less recipients, but on the flip side, you'll have more campaigns based on the different buyer personas you're trying to market to.

When it comes time to actually craft the content and send the email, it's important to make it more personalized (using the personalization tools in HubSpot) in order for your recipients to feel more engaged and important (because they are!)

You can personalize your subject lines as well as the content of the email itself in order to provide a more personal experience for your recipients. There's nothing worse than receiving an email you know was sent to about 10,000 other recipients. For some reason, it just feels cold.

By effectively segmenting your leads and adding a more personal touch to your emails, not only will you see improved open and click rates, but you'll also see more qualified and sales-ready leads moving down the sales funnel as they reconvert on all the relevant content you're sending them.

Generate More High-Quality Leads

By sending more segmented emails, you'll notice your recipients will take action much more frequently, and as a result, move further down the sales funnel more often.

Essentially what you're doing is giving your leads what they want; content relevant to their interests and needs. The days of blasting out emails to your entire contact list are over. Your leads are all at different levels of the buying cycle, so don't treat them as if they're all the same.

Looking to feature a more targeted campaign that yields more qualified prospects? Check out our free ebook, "The Ultimate Guide to Creating Profitable Buyer Personas" and learn how to identify your most ideal prospects.

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