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By: Amanda Bozzuto on May 11th, 2012

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Fiesta Friday 5/11/12

Who Are the Top Retailers on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Christine Erickson

"It’s become practically mandatory that brands incorporate social media into their business strategy, causing retailers to compete for popularity in stores and on the Internet, too. Take a look at some of the top retailers on social media..."

Bob Ruffolo | @bobruffolo


The 8 Things you do Wrong on LinkedIn

By: Molly Cain

"I suggest this article to anyone using LinkedIn.  While some of the tips may seem pretty obvious, they are still good things to keep in mind for people trying to network on this platform.  Anyone have other suggestions?"

Natalie Davis | @NatalieIMPACT


The Art of Rock: Design Trends in Gig Posters

By: Cadence Wu

"There are multiple techniques in publishing and producing prints of gig posters, and graphic designers have their own way to express their creativity. Some mix and match influences, while some experiment with new media. Check out these different gig posters."

Joe Rinaldi | @JosephRinaldi4


Swedish Handicraft Movement branding

By: Mirko

"What a cool way to brand a company by actually handcrafting actual objects and using an photograph for the brand. Giving it some depth and a 3D look!"

Amanda Bozzuto | @IMPACTAmanda


High Quality Web Design Showcases, News & Infographics Submission Sites

By: Tad Chef

"My link this week provides a collection of great resources ranging from design news, to web design and infographic galleries. In this industry, you always have to try and stay ahead of the curve. One of the best ways to do that is by studying the latest trends and reading up on new technology."

Chris Blinstrub | @ChrisBlinstrub


The Best and Worst Times to Share on Facebook, Twitter

By: Samantha Murphy

"I enjoyed this article because it gives good advice on the best times to post on social media sites to get the highest click rate. It's so interesting to learn that it's not just what you post, but when you post. This article is definitely a great read for anyone interested in social media!"

Stephanie Hughes | @SMH_823


How To Attract an Audience by Integrating Content, Social, and Search

By: Robert Bruce

"Is keeping up with your content, social media, and search engine strategies becoming too much? For many, it's often too much to deal with. Here's some tips on integrating your marketing efforts in a way that generates and keeps business."

John Bonini | @Bonini84


Three Reasons Why Happy Brands Win Social Media

By: Chris Dessi

"Social Media is HUGE. We all know this by now. The key to being the king of social media is...........being happy! Makes sense right? If you are happy, and spreading that vibe- people are going to want to read what you have to say. Social media definitely is not all business all the time. It's a great balance of fun and business, and showing happiness through it. That's what this article explains, its a great read!"

Amy Chudy | @IMPACTAmy

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