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By: Amanda Bozzuto on March 9th, 2012

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Fiesta Friday 3/9/12

Twitter to Tweak Brand Pages [REPORT]

By: Todd Wasserman

"Social media is making a lot of changes when it comes to branding your business page. At some point this year, twitter will be offering things like app development, e-commerce contests and sweepstakes right on your page. We are very interested to see how this will work!"

Bob Ruffolo | @bobruffolo


35 Imaginative “Hands And Fingers” Photo Manipulations

By: Alvaris Falcon

"Finding creative ways to view everyday items is probably one of my favorite pastimes. I can't remember a time when I looked at something and didn't think of how it could look with certain tweaks or manipulations. In this article, artists have taken the "everyday item" of hands and fingers and brought them to ridiculous levels by adding their own "touch." Great read for a Friday afternoon..."

Tom DiScipio | @TomDiScipio


18 Beautiful Brochure Design Samples

By: Cadence Wu

"Creating an effective brochure design for a direct mail campaign is no easy task. Most businesses usually have a limited budget and you need to make sure the design will be as effective as possible. When designing a brochure its tempting to cram it full of as much information as possible, but the real goal is to get the reader to take action, not overload them with information. Taking action could be anything from visiting a website to calling a phone number and will vary from business to business. Check out these brochures to see what solutions other designers have come up with."

Joe Rinaldi | @JosephRinaldi4


How to Lose Friends and Alienate Twitter Folowers: 5 Stupid Social Media Mistakes


"This is a great article for anyone who does social media posts or updates. It gives a great outline of what will turn away current or potential followers. Make sure you aren’t doing any of these 5 things on your pages! "

Natalie Davis | @NatalieIMPACT



By: Jaime

"What better way to find a little inspiration then having it on your own desktop? I've been using design milk a lot recently for some inspiration and their monthly desktop designs have some great inspirational quotes and even sometimes calendars. Check them out!"

Amanda Bozzuto | @MsAmandaBozzuto


94 Easy Ways to Learn SEO (Interactive Infographic)

By: Mike (Koozai)

"A website that is not taking advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to have a hard time building up a web presence. With that being said, my link this week is an interactive infographic that is full of great SEO resources. From SEO experts to follow on Twitter, to books, blogs, and video guides, this infographic features 94 great ways to brush up on your SEO skills."

Chris Blinstrub | @ChrisBlinstrub


Social Media Demographics [Infographic]


"Nice infographic of social media demographics including some different stats such as gender, age, education, household income."

Bobby Kane | @bobbyjkane


How to Customize Your Social Updates for Facebook and Twitter

Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/31440/How-to-Customize-Your-Social-Updates-for-Facebook-and-Twitter.aspx#ixzz1oeUgVx97

By: Kendal Peiguss

"I love this article on Hubspot, because it lists factors to take into account when marketing on Twitter and Facebook. The approach for each audience needs to be different, because each is expecting a certain format for the information they read. This article was a good reminder to continuously customize information shared on social media sites!"

Stephanie Hughes | @StephHughesXO


The Downton Abbey Guide to Irresistible Narrative Marketing

By: Matthew Gartland

"Who knew following the blueprint of a once popular british drama could get you writing more interesting narratives. Check it out!"

John Bonini | @Bonini84


Secure Your Browser: Add-Ons to Stop Web Tracking

By: Scott Gilbertson

"I really like this add on. It's very important to know who's tracking you on the Internet and why? I don't think someone should be able to track your movements on the web without your permission, and this will allow you to see exactly who is tracking you and when. After that you can take the necessary steps to block tracking you do not approve. Thanks Mozilla."

Vin Gaeta | @vinIMPACT

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