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By: Amanda Bozzuto on February 3rd, 2012

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Fiesta Friday 2/3/12

9 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

By: DJ Waldow

"E-mail marketing makes your social media more effective. I mean, social media makes your email marketing more effective. In fact, the combination of email marketing and social media marketing can drastically improve your results... period. Here are 9 ways to capitalize on your efforts by integrating email marketing and social media."

Bob Ruffolo | @bobruffolo


Apple iDesk Conecpt

By: Alex Stone

"Ever wonder what's next for Apple? There are many fans out there that not only wonder, they conceptualize and share. Lucky for us! Check out this Apple iDesk Concept - it could be the next addition to your office…"

Tom DiScipio | @TomDiScipio


5 Ways to Make Websites More Social

By: Mac Ocampo

"I thought this was a great article with some interesting ideas for people to keep in mind when building or altering their own websites. The article describes why certain websites are more popular and the methods they use to encourage users to join and interact. I think anyone with a social website would certainly benefit from this article."

Natalie Davis | @NatalieIMPACT


Inside The Studio

By: The Die Line

"Ever since I was first introduced into the design world Turner Duckworth was a studio that never ceased to impress me with their branding and design pieces. They have done work for companies such as Coca-Coloa, Amazon, and Waitrose. Last week The Dieline had the opportunity to interview David Turner and go behind the scenes of the Turner Duckworth studio. The article walks you through the studios innermost workings as well as picks David Turners brain about package and branding design."

Joe Rinaldi| @JosephRinaldi4


Stunning QR Code Virtual Store Fronts

By: Richard

"Virtual store fronts?! These store fronts in Detroit, Michigan are virtually designed with QR Codes, definitely a look into the future!"

Amanda Bozzuto | @MsAmandaBozzuto


Social Media Has Turned Super Bowl XLVI Teams’ Marketing Upside Down

By: Sam Laird

"Who doesn't want to talk about the Super Bowl today? I thought this article was really fun! The teams' media directors expressed how different the social media world is today, compared to last time they were in the Super Bowl. Its awesome to see much social media can help keep them connected with their fans. GO SOCIAL MEDIA!"

Amy Chudy | @IMPACTamy


PREVIEW: Super Bowl XLVI 2012 TV commercials build super buzz online

By: Gayle Falkenthal

"For those of you who like to stay ahead of the game, my link this week is a preview of what to expect from the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. The going rate for 30 seconds of commercial time this year is about $3.5 million ($4.5 million if you want premium placement). That seems like a lot of money to be spending on 30 seconds of air space, but when you consider the fact that over 150 million people in America will be watching, it really isn’t that absurd. From the previews, it looks like car commercials are going to dominate this year. "

Chris Blinstrub | @ChrisBlinstrub


26 Photoshop Tutorials on How to Make Icons

By: Naldz Graphics

"These are some top-notch tutorials that all have a modern look. The best thing is, all you need is Photoshop!"

Bobby Kane | @bobbyjkane


The 16 Best Science Visualizations of 2011

By: Dave Mosher

"The 16 best science visualizations are really, really interesting. It's pretty strange to be able to see things that are microscopic in the world around us. Seriously, who would have thought the Ebola virus looked so interesting!? I think the article really opens your eyes to how much technology has advanced and how intricate things in our world can be. It's a great read/look through."

Vin Gaeta | @vinIMPACT

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