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"When Women Are the Family Breadwinners: "(MarketHer Episode #5)

"When Women Are the Family Breadwinners: "(MarketHer Episode #5) Blog Feature

September 28th, 2017 min read

Are you a woman who’s the breadwinner in your family? Listen up because this episode is for you.

This is definitely a hot topic and one that recently made the hosts of MarketHer go over their normal recording time of 20 minutes.

This topic packs a punch with three different lifestyles and three different viewpoints on females being the breadwinners.

How do you talk about money, balancing household chores, who’s taking care of the kids this week, all while trying to find that perfect balance between spouses without the resentment?

Well, folks, pour yourself a glass of wine and lock into this week’s episode, because we have some things to discuss around this very hot topic!

Key Discussion Areas:

  • How it feels when you start making more than your spouse
  • How to take money out of the relationship equation
  • Why are the household chores not divided equally? (hint: we can’t let go of control!)
  • What’s it’s like when you’re the planner but your spouse isn’t
  • How to take career risks with the pressure of being the breadwinner
  • How to handle the social implications of being the breadwinner (for you and your spouse)
  • And the strategies we’ve used with each of these discussion points

Once you’ve heard our situations and challenges, what’s your biggest takeaway? What have you done to work through any of these challenges? Let us know in the comments below!


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Meet the Women Behind MarketHer

Angela Myrtetus

 500px_Square_Angela_Myrtetus.jpg"I’m a Senior Strategist here at IMPACT. I’m a mom of three and the wife to a radio personality here in Philly. While both our jobs can be demanding, we love our careers in the creative industry. Balancing all that with three kids, however, is why I’m doing this show. 

I still have things to learn, but also have things to share on how I’ve figured it out thus far. My vision for this show is to create a safe place for everyone, especially women, to share their challenges and successes on balancing work life. We all don’t do it perfectly, but you may have a gem of a tip that will save someone’s life - literally and figuratively."

Brie Rangel

500px_Square_Brie_Rangel.jpg"Hi everyone! I’m the Director of Client Services here at IMPACT in my day job, and wife and dog mom every other minute of the day. This show is important to me because as I’ve grown in my career, I’ve realized there really are unique challenges women face and not a ton of resources (other than generic self-help) to help us figure it all out. I want this show to be an outlet for anyone who experiences those challenges so they can relate and hopefully learn new strategies and tactics for how to deal.

My long-term vision would be for us to build a community of strong men and women who can help change the social norms that put us in these challenges the first place. But first things first, check out our first episode :)"

Britt Schwartz

500px_Square_Britt_Schwartz.jpg"Hi, there! I’m Britt Schwartz, a 30-ish homeschooling mom of 5 and a Senior Strategist at IMPACT. My life isn’t conventional and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

MarketHer is something I’m extremely passionate about because throughout my career in creative agencies and in client-facing roles, I’ve experienced situations and challenges that I wish I would have a place to turn to that would have made me feel not alone and to find real solutions."

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