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Page managers finally get insight into change history on Facebook

Page managers finally get insight into change history on Facebook Blog Feature

Vin Gaeta

VP of Marketing, 10+ Years of Sales & Marketing Experience, 12+ Years of Development Experience, 14+ Years of Project Management Expertise

January 15th, 2020 min read

Facebook has rolled out a new feature, currently live for everyone, in the "page management" area of the platform. Specifically giving you the ability to dig into the management history of your page.  

Previously, page admins weren’t able to see changes performed by other admins. So finding the source of a repeat issue, or simply seeing who is taking action on behalf of the page, wasn’t as straightforward as it should have been. 

The update will now let any user that manages a page, regardless of role, see into the actions performed on behalf of the page. 

Image via @MattNavarra
Image courtesy of Matt Navarra

Matt Navarra, social media expert, first noticed the update late last week. He noted that the new feature will allow page managers to see a few different types of updates in the page management history, specifically: 

  • Page settings: Updates to age and country restrictions, page name/username, or contact information
  • Page roles: What new role additions, removals, or permission changes have been made
  • Group relationships: What groups have been created, joined, or left
  • Confirmed page owner: Updates or new owner additions
  • Business manager updates: Accepted or rejected manager invites, new business manager claims, or access removed

What it means for you

While not a major update, this does help you keep tabs on what has occurred in your Facebook page. It’s never a bad idea to have a deep level of granularity in your update history, so you can manage and track exactly who has control of what — and what they change. 

For anyone who manages a page along with a cadre of team members, this update allows you to note and keep track of any changes.

This is also handy for anyone new to managing a Facebook page that is trying to get up to speed with what has happened in the past. Or, if you need to identify who keeps joining random Facebook groups. 

Facebook’s update states: 

"Your Page management history shows what management actions have been taken, when they were taken, and who took them. Only people who help manage your Page can see the Page management history."

This feature is currently available in your page settings inside Facebook, you’ll see the “Page Management History" option. 

Putting the update in context

Put in context, these latest updates prove Facebook’s continued focus on updating and improving business pages on the platform. 

Despite its recent decline in users, Facebook is still the behemoth of social media, reaching more than 60% of all internet users. With all those potential customers, businesses are eager to gain access. In fact, over 80 million small businesses around the world have Facebook pages.

In November, the company announced updates designed to “make Pages relevant and useful for every business that uses them.” 

These included new ways for businesses to request payments through the platform, to keep track of shipments, and to log orders. 

Facebook in 2020

As we start in on a new decade (with a presidential election on the horizon), there has been no shortage of bad press for Facebook. Even as it loses users and Instagram’s growth slows, there is no denying Facebook’s colossal presence in social media. 

social-media-market-sharesource: statcounter

Updates like those spotted last week are an important counter-melody to the brash headlines of political ad policy, data hacks, and privacy concerns.

For Facebook, this is business as usual — making sure to perfect its product even as fires of negative publicity rage and millions leave the platform

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