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14 Examples of SERP Features You See Every Day [Infographic]

14 Examples of SERP Features You See Every Day [Infographic] Blog Feature

Kevin Phillips

Lead Content Marketing Trainer, 10+ Years of Content Marketing Expertise, Content Marketing Trainer

September 2nd, 2018 min read

As IMPACT’s Content Marketing Specialist and resident Alaskan, it seems I’m always fielding two types of questions:

  1. How can I get my content to the top of a search engine result page (SERP)?
  2. Wait, did you just say you live in Alaska? what is The Last Frontier really like?

It’s a mixed bag of topics I answer to, but I’m always happy to answer both.

To save time answering all of your SERP Feature questions in addition to your most pressing Land of the Midnight Sun queries, I’ve decided to tackle them both with a cool little infographic.

Whether you’re looking for answers to what a Featured Snippet is (and how to get it) or you’re thinking of taking a heli snowboarding trip in the Chugach Mountains followed by a dog sled tour in Fairbanks, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s start by defining a few quick terms we’ll need to be familiar with:

What is a search engine results page (SERP)?

Have you ever submitted a query into a search engine to see what results come up?

Of course you have! You’ve probably done it several times today alone.

Once you submit your question, search engines will quickly scour the web looking for the best answers to your query. A new page will load showing you the top ten results it found for your question. This is a SERP.

If these ten are unsatisfactory, you can click through to the next page for ten more results (another SERP) or you can go back to the search bar and refine your keywords.

What is a SERP Feature?

As you may have noticed, not all searches are equal, and not all SERPs look the same.

Often, you’ll see other elements on the SERP in addition to the organic results, like a video at the top, some images, or even a large box  with a quick answer to your question.

These are all SERP features: additional links to content search engines think you might find relevant.

SERP features come in many shapes and sizes and each kind can be triggered in various ways.

Let’s talk about 14 of these SERP Features you see almost every day:

common-SERP-features[infographic] (1)

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