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By: Brittany Balog on November 5th, 2012

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Everything You Need to Know to Make Workflows 'Work' for You

workflowsWhen you begin to generate traffic to your website your goal is to keep these people engaged with your content and continue to come back. A simple way to keep your traffic engaged is to develop workflows. Workflows are a series of automated actions that you can schedule based on a person’s behavior or contact information. When used strategically, marketing automation can be an efficient way to manage and nurture your leads to guide them down the sales funnel.

Workflows go beyond just email and can complete organizational marketing tasks as well. Workflows allow you to update contact information, add and remove people from certain lists, and set-up scheduled times for your email notifications. Having these automated preferences set up allows you to schedule tasks and pushes leads down the sales funnel for you. Your workflows are actually ‘working’ for you.

Using marketing software such as HubSpot allows you to create your lead nurturing campaign and set up your workflows. Check out our ebook, “The Essential Guide for Mastering Hubspot” to learn more about setting up your workflows.

Where to Begin?

HubSpot Workflows makes marketing automation and lead nurturing easier than ever. To create a workflow plan you must begin with, who will be receiving the action. Establish a starting condition, or criteria, that will be triggered if a specific action has taken place by a lead. HubSpot provides 3 options for starting conditions,

  1. A form is submitted

  2. A smart list is triggered

  3. No starting condition

For example, if someone fills out a form on your landing page to download an ebook you can create a workflow to send them more information at another time related to this topic. You can create a workflow with automated emails related to the original topic and send them only to those people that have downloaded that specific original offer. You may also automatically add any lead that downloads the original ebook into that workflow mailing list.

Adding a lead to a particular list can also trigger a workflow. In Hubspot Workflows, you can create Smart Lists based on specific criteria that updates any time a lead meets that criteria. For example, you can add people that downloaded a specific ebook and visited your site a certain amount of times to a list and trigger actions based on this information.

Finally, you can select no starting condition and manually input contacts. This may be done if you went to a conference and need to enter leads from the conference into a specific list.

Take Action

You have selected your list of who will receive specific actions, so you now must create the sequence of actions that will take place in your workflow. There are several actions that can take place with your workflows. You can send an email, add or remove a contact to a list, send an email notification or set a contact property value.

Sending an email allows you to nurture you leads with relevant information. You can continue to guide them down the sales funnel with a series of emails based on where they are in the sales funnel. Being able to remove and add contacts to lists also allows them to receive relevant information based on their needs. If they were once in a top of the funnel list, but have since visited your site repeatedly and downloaded more offers you would want to add them to a middle of the funnel or bottom of the funnel list. To take information step further you can send email notifications to immediately contact your sales team if a lead becomes sales ready for example.

Setting up your contact property values allows you to group your leads based on their actions. For example, you can set up a workflow that says if someone requests an assessment then change their status to sales ready lead. This will automatically happen when a lead completes an action so that you don't have to manually segment this lead to a new list. This saves you time and automatically updates your information for you.

Timing is Everything

Now that your lists are segmented and the desired automated actions are chosen you need to send this information out at desirable times. Emailing your leads at 2am is probably not the best time to reach them. You can set up workflows to send out a specific email to a specific list at a specific time. Timing is also based on each individual lead. You can set the timing of an email to go out 2 days after someone completes a specific action rather than only sending an email out on Wednesdays. You could miss reaching a lot of customers this way.

Making Workflows ‘Work’ for You

Overall, workflows simplify your lead nurturing campaigns. They allow you to specifically target your audience based on smart lists and relate these lists to desired actions that can be scheduled at specific times. This makes it easier for you to continue pushing people down the sales funnel because you are automatically sending information to people as they connect with your content.

Learn more about creating workflows using Hubspot in our ebook, “The Essential Guide for Mastering Hubspot” or contact IMPACT and learn how we can help!

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