Dropbox is Trying to Ease Marketer Workflows with New Extensions

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Dropbox is Trying to Ease Marketer Workflows with New Extensions Blog Feature

Published on November 8th, 2018

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Have you ever wished there were fewer steps in your workflow? Fewer apps? Less waiting?

Dropbox is looking to alleviate some of those roadblocks with a new feature called Dropbox Extensions. It will allow you to perform many of your basic, everyday marketing and business tasks without having to open yet another app.

You can do so much more right within Dropbox.

What You Can Do with Dropbox Extensions

For their first suite of Extensions, Dropbox has partnered with a host of popular marketing and design tools: Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, Vimeo, airSlate, HelloSign, Nitro, Smallpdf, and Pixlr. 

Woot woot!

This means you’ll be able to:

  • Make a contract and have it signed, all with no uploading, downloading, or scanning
  • Add notes to videos
  • Edit images for real-time feedback
  • Automatically save updated files to the cloud, so everyone with access to a file is in sync

-- All without leaving Dropbox! 

The Extensions feature will be accessed with a simple drop-down menu.

Image: Dropbox

And They Aren’t Just Stopping There... 

Last month Dropbox announced an exciting partnership with Zoom

“While a conversation occurs within a video call, Zoom users can [now] reference shared content saved in Dropbox and easily communicate real-time changes that need to be made as it’s being presented.”

Users will also be able to start or join a Zoom meeting while viewing and working on shared content, making it easier to stay in sync with collaborators. Imagine it! Rather than slacking a teammate a more elaborate question about a file in your Dropbox, just jump into a Zoom video!

Those integrations will be available in the first half of 2019.

What’s Next?

I would expect there to be more announcements in the very near future of more integrations. Much like Zoom or Slack, Dropbox understands the value of bringing together the apps that business users already rely on in their everyday workflows to make things more efficient.

What I love about this news is that it’s a practical change that can have a positive impact on users and how they work right away.

As digital marketers, we float between programs and need more than simply cloud storage—we need solutions that are multi-channel for our productivity.

Extensions will be available for all Dropbox users on November 27.

Header Image: Dropbox

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