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By: John Bonini

 on December 3rd, 2012

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Dominating Your Competition with Strong Local SEO

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The following is an excerpt from IMPACT's popular ebook, "10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your SEO." For more expert tips on optimizing your local SEO and driving more qualified traffic, be sure to check out the full ebook.

Optimizing your business website for local keywords and targeting local visitors can be great ways of expanding your local business.

However, if you are promoting a local business that is mainly dependent on local customers, then the success of your business basically depends on how many leads and sales you can generate from a specific area. Inbound marketing is a platform that does the work for you. Here are some ways that will explain how inbound marketing can be used to improve local SEO.

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Optimization for Local Keywords

If you are not a giant company operating business all across the country, then you are largely dependent on how many sales can be generated to local people. Inbound marketing strategies will help you out in getting more and more people to buy your products.

For this, you will have to optimize your website for local people. There are certain geographically allocated keywords which may help you if you target them. For example, if you are selling a product in a certain town in a certain state, then the people living in that area will search for products with user specific keywords, such as “massage therapy in Lynchburg, Virginia.”

In that case, if you target the keywords that have small competition and a lesser number of searches, you are then likely to top the list in a short time. In addition, when someone searches for a keyword in one state, the results that are shown will be different from that of another.

There are some SEO techniques that can be implemented regarding this. Make sure that all page URLs are correctly formatted, your contents include geographically specific keywords, you use keywords in H1 tags and so on. Basically, you will be required to implement the SEO techniques precisely when you target local people to buy your products. states that 43% of the global searches are on local keywords.

Target Local Bloggers and Readers

Another very useful way of targeting local buyers is to target local blog sites and their visitors. If you do a little research on the most visited blogs and websites in your territory, you can find a huge list very easily. By engaging the bloggers to write about your product, you can become a successful brand overnight. This technique has proven time and time again to be incredibly effective at catching people’s attention.

Write some blog articles describing your products and publish them to local blog websites. Ask the readers to test your product and leave feedback. In a word, engage local people to discuss your product.

Use City Specific Websites

Apart from blogging sites, there are certain city specific websites that are very helpful for you to expand your local business. Whether you are from a small town or a large city, there are certain directory websites who have complete lists of companies who are operating businesses in your area. All you need is to ensure that these websites have your company listed.

Create Accounts for Review Websites

It is proven that people tend to trust what others review positively. You can use this trend for generating business. There are lots of review websites where people get the chance to leave their reviews. What you have to do is to open some accounts in review websites and ask the buyers to leave their reviews politely. If you find a certain review website has a lot of reviews for you, do not hesitate to highlight it on your website.

Target Local Audiences through Social Media

Social media is a great platform for inbound marketers. Start pages for your local business on different social media websites and advertise them so that local users like your page. For example, if you have a page on Facebook, use Facebook’s advertising options to maximize popularity. The biggest benefit is that using social media websites are either completely free or at least very minimal in cost. Hubspot. com reports that more than 50% of local businesses find that Facebook helps them.

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