The 6 Disciplines of Hypergrowth for Any Budding Business [Infographic]

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The 6 Disciplines of Hypergrowth for Any Budding Business [Infographic] Blog Feature

Published on January 27th, 2018

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Growth and success don’t happen by accident.

While it may seem like even the most eccentric products rise to fame and fortune these days (just look at the Snuggie), underneath their quirks often lie several critical foundational elements even Fortune 500 companies were built on.

In business, a great idea or product alone can only get you so far.

Hypergrowth, as author of The Trap of Success: A Brutally Candid Guide to Overcoming Your Fears, Finding Significance, and Achieving Profound Success, Gene Hammett calls it, must be strategically planned for.

In a recent report, Gene shared insights he learned after interviewing 51 CEOs on the 2017 INC 5000. Among other big success secrets, his research revealed 6 common trends that he has dubbed the “disciplines of hypergrowth:”

  1. Create a One-of-a-kind Brand
  2. Create Vision at All Levels
  3. Create Radical Transparency
  4. Create Innovation through Empowerment
  5. Create Shared Goals
  6. Create Brand Ambassadors

He also shared some eye-opening statistics, illustrated in the infographic below. Check it out:


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