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"The Effect of Stress & Anxiety in the Workplace" (Creator's Block, Ep. 76)

"The Effect of Stress & Anxiety in the Workplace" (Creator's Block, Ep. 76) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Editorial Director, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

June 26th, 2018 min read

This is a big week for Creator's Block. In fact, it's quite a milestone for myself and the podcast. 

In a couple of weeks, Creator's Block will return (on July 17, to be precise), just in time to celebrate its second anniversary. But I will not be returning with it, as Marcella's co-host. 

While it's bittersweet for me to leave the podcast I founded two years ago over lunch with Jessie-Lee, I'm excited to share the reason for my departure. 

On July 11, the premiere episode of the Content Lab -- hosted by yours truly -- will be launching as a new weekly podcast for IMPACT. (Click that fancy link to learn more about my new show and to subscribe to updates!)

But my departure also brings with it an exciting announcement -- a new co-host. Justine Timoteo!

In fact, given that it was her first episode, Justine got to pick our topic. And it was a great one.

In her words, here is what we talked about this week:

"Improving my overall health is my biggest goal for 2018, and a huge part of that is my mental health.

Mental health is so intertwined with physical health but can oftentimes be overlooked -- people tend to focus a lot more on diet and exercise. For me, mental health is how I’m doing emotionally, psychologically, and socially.

Back in January, I realized I was suffering from severe stress and after having my first panic attack, decided to take things seriously and be proactive in seeking help and working to improve my mental health.

Though mental health seems like a heavy topic, it’s all too common and if we continue to talk about it often or address it, (hopefully) there will be less of a stigma."

So, this week, that's what we're unpacking. How do you handle and manage stress in the workplace, or when work is causing unreasonable amounts of stress and anxiety that leaks into your personal life?


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What We Talked About

  • What's the difference between stress and anxiety?
  • What are the negative effects for professionals of stress and anxiety?
  • What is current data saying about emerging trends about workplace-related stress?
  • What are our own personal experiences (failures and successes) in managing stress for ourselves?


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