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"We've Got Some News!" (Creator's Block Podcast)

"We've Got Some News!" (Creator's Block Podcast) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Editorial Director, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

March 20th, 2018 min read

It's always exciting (and bittersweet) to say goodbye when someone moves onto a new adventure, but that's exactly what we're doing today. 

While next week's episode will be her last official episode as a co-host of the Creator's Block Podcast, Marcella and I are so happy to announce that Jessie-Lee will be leaving Creator's Block to become the new co-host of the IMPACT Website Throwdown

In honor of the fact that Jessie-Lee's debut on the Website Throwdown is going down today, Tuesday, March 20 at 2 p.m. Eastern -- with special guest Zak Pines, VP of Marketing at Bedrock Data -- this week we reflect on our three favorite episodes. 

We'll miss you Jessie-Lee! 

Jessie-Lee's Favorite: "When You Should (& Shouldn't) Redesign Your Website" (Ep. 63)

"A long, long time ago, Liz and I got together and created a huge piece of pillar content about everything businesses need to know and do before the redesign their websitesBut what makes this conversation special is that it focuses on the one question I firmly believe is the most important question businesses need to ask themselves about their website -- but rarely do. 

Because, just because you can redesign your website doesn't mean you always should."

Liz's Favorite: "The Romantic Myth of the Morning Routine" (Ep. 52)

"You know what's annoying? All of those well-intentioned, but ultimately useless think pieces about how to hack your way to the most perfect and elevated morning routine. Where you're supposed to run a marathon, answer all of your email, meditate, write a novel, go camping, and watch the sun rise all before you sit down for an Instagram-worthy breakfast. 

I love this episode, because it isn't just about tearing down the myths of morning success -- although that was a lot of fun. We also focus on why these articles keep popping up, and what we can actually learn from them."

Marcella's Favorite: "Book Club: Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown" (Ep. 54)

"Brené Brown, PhD., LMSW is a social scientist. She also has a way of telling her stories in a way that's vulnerable, relatable, and makes you feel like you're not alone. Liz and Jessie-Lee had a chance to see her speak at INBOUND last year, but I love this episode -- our first book club episode -- because we came to the table with our own thoughts about what it means to find belonging in this big and crazy world. 

It got real. It got personal. We learned a lot about each other."

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