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Creating Content that Appeals to All Levels of the Buying Cycle

Creating Content that Appeals to All Levels of the Buying Cycle Blog Feature

January 4th, 2013 min read

The following is an excerpt from IMPACT’s popular new ebook, “How to Become the King of Content Marketing.”For more expert tips on maximizing your marketing content, be sure to check out the full ebook  of Content Marketing">here.

With great website traffic, comes great responsibility.

While I couldn't resist this cheese-ball line, it holds great meaning. The more traffic you're driving to your website, greater importance is put on the quality and effectiveness of your marketing content, from blog articles all the way to your premium content.

Successful websites attract all levels of buyers to your website. Those at the top-of-the-funnel who are still establishing and researching their needs, and bottom-of-the-funnel, those who are ready to buy right now.

Is your marketing content appealing to all levels in between? Or are you limiting your content, and as a result, your opportunity for new customers? Learn how to more effectively appeal to all levels of the buying cycle by producing more diverse, yet relevant marketing content.

If you're interested in learning how to turn these tips into actual results, continue reading the free ebook.

Targeting Specific Buyer Personas

When you first got into the business you’re in, you likely had a picture of your ideal “buyer”, aka your “target market” or a “buyer persona”. With that you then created marketing campaigns that were tailored to appeal to that market or persona(s).

But what if we told you that you were trying to sell to the wrong person?

This is exactly what a content creation partner like IMPACT can help you with. Many of our clients have been completely shocked to find out that who they thought was there target market was, in fact, NOT their target market. By using top of the line analytical software, we’re able to tell you exactly who’s buying, who’s not, and who you could or should be selling to.

We’ll help you come up with one or two primary buyer personas and then help you create content specifically tailored to appeal to those groups, whether it is through blog entries, landing pages, email marketing campaigns, and so on. Most content creation partners will also work with you to help develop content for secondary buyer personas. Once the content’s created, many agencies or partners will then follow through, test the results, and make tweaks and changes as necessary.

Content for All Levels of the Buying Cycle

Obviously everyone that comes in contact with you, your company or your website isn’t on the same page in terms of how ready they are to buy your product or service. However, one of the most common trouble areas that we see when we work with our clients is that their content is either:

  • Created for only one level of the buying cycle (the content is sales- focused and not appropriate or intended for lead generation); or
  • There’s different content for different levels of the buying cycle, but it’s disorganized and confusing, and so it doesn’t engage the right type of visitors and leads at the right time
  • Our clients often ask us how we can tell what pages are appropriate for which level of the buying cycle. Good content creation partners should be able to provide you with the best analytical tools that will allow you to see exactly what page brings in what type of people (i.e. visitors, leads, potential buyers, buyers, brand loyalists). We can then change the CTAs/ offers on that page so that the offers cater to people of a certain level of your buying cycle. As a result, you’ll gain more leads, more customers, and ultimately more sales and profits.Creation of Traffic Generating Blog ContentSo just what is bringing people to your site? Or... is your content bringing visitors to your site?

What content creation partners should be able to offer you are, at minimum, two things:

  1. The ability to optimize your content so that it receives the attention it deserves in search engines, on social media, etc.
  2. The ability to create engaging content so that it receives the attention it deserves from visitors/leads/customers

A content creation partner should be able to take the guess work out of what content is winning over your customers. Again, this is where analytical tools will become your best friend.

We at IMPACT use HubSpot’s marketing software to help determine what content is bringing folks to your page and which isn’t. Those very same tools also allow us to optimize your content so that they receive premium placement on search engines, thus increasing your exposure on the web.

Try playing around with HubSpot’s free ‘Marketing Grader’ tool to get a feel of how you can begin optimizing your content.

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