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"How to Create More Women CEOs:" (MarketHer Episode #8)

"How to Create More Women CEOs:" (MarketHer Episode #8) Blog Feature

October 18th, 2017 min read

More women in leadership.

It's what we want and what the world needs, but only 23% of CEOs are women.  

What, wait?

In this week's episode of MarketHer, Britt, Brie, and I unpack this shocking stat.

The conversation started as we brainstormed a good topic to tackle during this episode. Each of us is embracing a new manager or leadership role at IMPACT and as we've shared, we are each facing unique paths to developing ourselves as leaders

At the same time, we were asked to submit holiday party ideas for our annual IMPACT party and Britt suggested a Mad Men theme. 

Naturally, as any conversation with both Mad Men and leadership will, ours eventually turned toward the rise of women in marketing roles.

We discussed everything from how in the "Mad Men" era women were viewed as only receptionists (with the exception of the groundbreaking Peggy Olson), to all of us agreeing that women now dominate marketing

Being data-driven marketers, we immediately started looking up the stats to show us that our feelings were validated, but the stat we found shocked us - in two ways. 

It revealed that our assumptions about the saturation of women in marketing were skewed (greatly) and it revealed how little women are present at an executive level in companies.

Watch and/or listen to this episode to hear us:

  • Share exactly how far women have come in marketing positions! 
  • Unpack the concept that only 23% of executives in marketing are female
  • Discuss what our individual reactions and directives are to help all of us create more women CEOs


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