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Desiree Baughman

By: Desiree Baughman

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December 28th, 2012

Countdown to Improving in 2013: Day 4 - Smart Content


smart contentThe following is part of our six-part series counting down to the new year. We've included six ways to see improved results in 2013.

If only we could read the minds of our customers... if only we could create content that speaks out to each and every one of them as an individual...

Wait... you can!  Or, you can come as close to it without being a mind reader with HubSpot 3.  It's no secret that we love HubSpot, we're part of the HubSpot Certified Partner's program and even released an eBook “The Essential Guide For Mastering Hubspot” so that we could share our tips and tricks on how everyone who wants to vastly improve their inbound marketing and make the most out of their software.

But earlier this year when HubSpot 3 was released, we became pretty excited.  Unlike any other inbound marketing software that we've been able to test and use, they offer the opportunity for business owners and marketers to quickly create “smart” content that's dynamic and tailored to the individual based on a number of key factors.

What's New

There are a ton of new features that really make this software worthwhile.  The new “Contact Timeline” helps marketers and business owners keep track of what matters to their leads and customers, as well as how they've interacted with your company over time.  Then there are the Smart Lists and Segmentation.

Based on a set of criteria that you determine, your contact lists will continually be segmented and change automatically without you needing to do a thing.  Over time, your lists and segmentation will only continue to grow and improve.  This is the first step to really improving your lead and customer's experience with your company, while also boosting your conversion rates.

Improving with Smart Content

While HubSpot is constantly segmenting and re-segmenting your lists based on you criteria, it's also working hard at making sure that the best dynamic content is being presented to the leads and customers in those segmented lists based on your pre-determined criteria.  This goes beyond simply sending out personalized emails; HubSpot is one of the few inbound marketing software programs that allow you to create completely customized CTAs (calls-to-action).

Their new “Smart CTAs” program allows you to create images and calls-to-action for both you website and emails that are related directly to an individual's interests, lifecycle, industry, niche, and other segmentation areas that you've determined.

Here's another feature that we think was pretty underrated with the release of this product: “Smart Fields”.  If you have a visitor or lead who has come to you site more than once, and they’ve filled out a form in the past, HubSpot is intuitive enough to not ask that the same visitor or lead fill out that information again and again.

This vastly improves the customer's experience, as they don't feel as if they’re “just another number”.  They feel as if they're being taken care of by you company, because they are.  They feel valued simply because you’re not asking for their name and email time and time again; you “know” them.  Now that's worth a lot, especially if you're in a niche or industry with a whole lot of competition.

Oh, and did we mention that every action, every email, every CTA can be fully automated?  Through HubSpot's “Workflows”, when a lead “behaves” in a certain way, targeted communications are then sent out to your lead, and it also updates your lead's profile based on their activity across multiple channels, including sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Smarter Landing Pages

If you weren't a fan of landing pages before, you will be now with HubSpot 3. We talk about their software in our book “The Essential Guide For Mastering Hubspot” and how you can create numerous landing pages in one place.  HubSpot 3 offers the same features, except only it's even better.  With this software, you only have to go to one place to run you entire landing page campaign.  You can create, you can test, and you can promote your landing pages from one spot and then monitor which channels are bringing leads to your pages.

Mobile Friendly

Last but not least, on top of all of the great new features that they're offering, you can now take HubSpot on the road with you.  This is huge, considering most business owners are constantly on the go.  You now have access to marketing analytics, the Marketing Grader app, and your lead and customer's contact information right there in the palm of your hand.

Proving the ROI from Inbound Marketing

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