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By: Brittany Balog on October 25th, 2012

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Content Marketing: How to Boost Website Traffic

Content Marketing | Marketing Analytics

content marketingAs you have heard over and over again, content is the king of your marketing campaign. In fact we just wrote and ebook about it, "How to be the King of Content Marketing". Your company has dedicated hours to creating premium content targeted to your buyer personas, defined your keywords, optimized your SEO and re-designed your website. After making all of these changes how do you know if they are actually working?

There is an easy way to see if your content marketing efforts are successful. Track your analytics!

Using inbound marketing software, such as HubSpot, you can see everything from who opened your email to how many times a person visited your landing page and downloaded an offer. Understanding how well your marketing efforts are working will affect the success of your website traffic.

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What You Can Learn From Content Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics are very useful in tracking how effective your blog topics are. If you are getting few mentions and re-posts on social media networks your content may not be reaching your buyer personas. If people are constantly reposting your blog article then you should continue to blog about this topic because of its high response rate.

Before looking at individual statistics for your landing pages or calls to action, you can use Hubspot’s Keyword Tool and track how each of your keywords are ranking on the Internet. If you notice you aren’t getting a high rating for certain keywords you can edit how you use them in your content marketing campaign to increase your keyword ratings. Your keyword ranking will increase how well you rank on search engines. A higher search engine ranking will increase your website traffic.

Once you understand what your readers preferences are and utilize your keywords you can track who is engaging in your content by clicking on calls to action and filling out landing pages. In order to increase the traffic on your website you can re-word and re-design your calls to action and landing pages to compare which layouts, word choices, and offers gain the greatest amount of leads.

HubSpot also allows you to perform A/B tests to compare different parts of your website to see what needs improvement.  You can compare sections of your content such as, which calls-to-action perform better, what offer had the highest response rate, and which landing pages gain a high number of leads. When you get your results you will know what to offer and what language to use in order to increase traffic and qualified leads.

When you know which offers and keywords are bringing in traffic you can then track how many new and qualified leads are coming in and where they are coming from.  You gain this knowledge by seeing how many people clicked on each one of your offers, filled out a landing page, or opened your emails.

By carefully analyzing data from each part of your marketing campaign you can focus on the specific trouble areas and continue to succeed at your high volume areas. Understanding where your success is coming from will boost your website traffic.

Changes that will Boost Website Traffic

Now that you have tracked your content marketing analytics you can create new content or edit your old content based on what you have learned from your analysis. It is important to continuously track how your keywords are doing and optimize them in your marketing content. When creating new blog content make sure you pay attention and write about current industry trends and news to increase traffic.

Use what you have learned from your A/B tests to edit your calls-to-action and landing pages so that you can increase the number of people completing an action. Continue to provide offers that are of interest to your buyer personas. You want to engage readers and continue to push them down the sales funnel.

Having access to these analytic tools gives you full control of how successful your online marketing efforts are. You can analyze and update your content at any time. Understanding who is engaging in your content will help boost the traffic being brought to your site and can help you target more qualified leads.

Are you Ready to Measure Your Success?

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