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"Copywriting That Makes People Feel Good" with Nick Usborne (Content Lab, Ep. 12)

"Copywriting That Makes People Feel Good" with Nick Usborne (Content Lab, Ep. 12) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Editorial Director, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

October 10th, 2018 min read

In a surprise to no one, there's a lot of not-so-great content out there about what it takes to create great content.

That’s not to say there isn’t meaningful thought leadership about content creation and copywriting. 

Unfortunately, across every single industry, there is a bloat of mediocre content we all need to wade through to get to what we want -- and my field of expertise is not exempt from that fact.

Then, on September 12, I read an article on Copyblogger that blew me away -- to the point where, immediately after finsishing it, I hopped into our general slack channel and shared it with the company.

It was “How Copywriters Can Leverage the Power of Feelgood Chemicals to Make More Sales” by Nick Usborne of

In his article, he talks about why copywriters need to care about “neuromarketing and how copywriting that appeals to the emotions of your audience can easily backfire, if you activate the wrong types of emotions.

So, I invited Nick to join me this week to discuss what neuromarketing is, why it matters, what it means to tap into “feelgood chemicals while copywriting, and the fine line you can cross into thefeelbad realm.


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One Thing: Be Human

Every morning, we leave our homes and commute to work as humans. But as soon as we walk through the door, we deprioritize our sense of humanity, when we’re making decisions about how we communicate with the people we’re trying to reach, who are humans themselves.

When asking if we should do (or not do) something in an email, article or piece of content, we look to the data first, or a data-backed strategy. 

Not that data is bad -- I believe strongly in data-backed strategies. 

It’s more that we never stop and ask ourselves, “Hey, how would I feel if I got this email, in this moment? Is this something I would do in person, or in a conversation? How would it make me feel?”

So, this week’s one thing for you -- the one thing you can do differently right now to make your content instantly better -- is to put your human hat back on while you’re at work.

As conversational copywriting continues to become more of the norm, challenge yourself -- as a human first -- about the context of what your’e working on, and how you would feel on the receiving end of your emails and content.

It seems obvious. 

But, as Nick and I discussed, sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our priorities as marketers and what we believe we should be talking about or saying, that we forget to stop and reflect on what we’re doing when we’re creating these connections and moments with our audience as people.

Weekly Awesome: Read Nick's Article Right Now

Alright, this week’s weekly awesome is simple. I don’t have something new or mind-blowing. 

Instead, your weekly awesome homework is to read “How Copywriters Can Leverage the Power of Feelgood Chemicals to Make More Sales” -- the article that started this whole conversation. 

You won't regret it!

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