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Call-to-action examples: 15 designed to really generate leads

Call-to-action examples: 15 designed to really generate leads Blog Feature

Karisa Egan

Account Manager, 5+ Years of Client Success and Project Management

September 12th, 2019 min read

Have you struggled to get visitors to your site to do what you want? Maybe you want them to sign up for your newsletter, or get a demo of your product, but they never make it to that page?

It may be time to revisit your calls-to-action.

These 15 call-to-action examples will show you how to really generate leads.

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that you add to your website in order to guide your visitor and tell them what to do next.

In inbound marketing, they usually lead to a landing page where the visitor can fill out a form and become a lead.

How to use calls-to-action for lead generation

You can place a CTA anywhere on your site, but it’s important to do it right.

You want your CTA to grab the attention of your visitors and really entice them to click.

Show your visitors an offer that they can’t refuse. Not only does it have to be visually appealing, but the content has to persuasive as well. 

In order to ensure your calls-to-action generate leads, you also need to remember the buyer's journey.

If the call-to-action you’re adding to your site doesn’t fulfill the need of your visitor at the specific point in their journey, it’s not going to resonate with them, and they’re not likely to move forward.

Follow these best practices for creating strong calls-to-action that will generate leads:

  1. Make them action-oriented
  2. Use persuasive text
  3. Include strong visuals
  4. Create a sense of urgency
  5. Make them easy to find

Then, use these 15 call-to-action examples to inspire your next design. 

1. Netflix

Call-to-Action Examples Netflix

Netflix uses persuasive text to guide you to their free trial. They let you know how convenient their product is with the ability to watch anywhere as well as the ability to cancel if you’re not satisfied.

 2. WordStream 

Call-to-Action Examples Wordstream

WordStream uses contrasting colors with their CTA to make it stand out against the all-blue site. They also reiterate the fact that their product is free to use twice further enticing you to try it out.

3. Hotjar 

Call-to-Action Examples Hotjar

Hotjar’s homepage features two calls-to-action leading you to the same place. Both CTAs are easy to find with placement and color.

 4. HubSpot Sales 

Call-to-Action Examples HubSpot

HubSpot uses simple persuasive content alongside relatable images of fellow salespeople to get you to try their sales tools.

Showing relevant images behind the CTA helps people visualize themselves using the product and in turn, make clicking through more appealing.

HubSpot also makes sure to use friction-free text on their button making it inviting to get started with their program.

5. Campaign Monitor

Call-to-Action Examples CampaignMonitor

Campaign Monitor makes their call-to-action stand out against the moving background with a bold, contrasting the button color. They also let you know that help is only one click away, including a contact sales button should any questions or concerns arise.

 6. Kissmetrics

Call-to-Action Examples Kissmetrics

Want to make your CTA really simple to use? Add a form fill right next to your CTA so your visitor doesn’t even need to leave the page! Kissmetrics does a great job of that here.

7. Spotify

Call-to-Action Examples Spotify

Spotify has taken an interesting approach to their CTA design. They feature two competing CTAs -- one leading to Spotify Free and the other to the paid version.

Spotify wants to make it clear people can pay for their service (their overall goal), but knows they ultimately get more paying customers after they’ve tried their freemium. That’s why that CTA is more prominently displayed on the page.

 8. Trello

Call-to-Action Examples Trello
Trello makes their persuasive copy and button text stand out against their all blue background by featuring strong contrasting colors and keeping the page simple. There’s nothing to distract you from what they want you to do next -- sign up for free.

 9. Lyft

Call-to-Action Examples Lyft

When you offer two services like Lyft does it’s important to get both messages across without detracted from one another. The different text on each button (“Sign Up Now” and “Drive With Lyft”) shows the visitor exactly what step they should be taking next. Lyft also uses a bright pink button to draw the eye directly to their calls-to-action, making them hard to avoid.

 10. Join.Me

Call-to-Action Examples

Join.Me makes it easy for you to immediately start using their product with their button text. Nothing is worse than being at working and waiting what seems like hours for a meeting to start.

Join.Me’s text understands this pain, making the idea of starting the meeting right now that much more enticing. Paired with the bright orange color and this CTA is built to be highly effective.

 11. Ikea

Call-to-Action Examples Ikea

Pop-up CTAs are a more in-your-face way to get visitors to convert. They normally lead to newsletter sign-ups, downloads, or blog subscribe forms like IKEA does here.

The retail giant highlights their brand colors while letting you know exactly what you’ll be getting by filling in your information.

12. theSkimm

Call-to-Action Examples Skimm

theSkimm lets you know exactly what they offer in their pop-up CTA. They also feature strong social proof, encouraging people to join by showing how many people already have and creating a sense of belonging.


Call-to-Action Examples Cools

COOLS really focuses on the visuals with their CTA here. The graphic of the well-dressed couple in the middle of the city and suggestive, “GET IT” text grabs your attention right away.  

After you finished checking out everything within the imagery you’re drawn to the simple, yet effective, headline that plays on the image as well as the giving the visitor what they actually came to the site for “deals and trends from top retailers.”

14. Ugmonk

Call-to-Action Examples UGMonk

Ugmonk features an exit-intent popup as the user goes to leave the site. This is usually a company's last chance to get you to stay and make that purchase, so it better be a compelling offer! In this example, Ugmonk gives you the option for a 10% off coupon that’s only valid for a certain amount of time really creating that sense of urgency.

Another unique aspect of this CTA is the making the user actively choose “Yes” or “No.” By giving the visitor the option to say no it forces them to think twice as to whether or not they really want to let this deal go. Obviously, Ugmonk wants you to choose the “Yes” option and they show this with the blue color association in the text and the “Yes Please” button.

15. Influenster

Call-to-Action Examples Influencer

Influenster’s CTA is the most unique out of the bunch.

When your first visit the site you only see the small "Join Now" CTA in the top corner making it kind of hard to see, but after about 30 seconds on the site, a slide-in CTA appears really drawing your attention to what they want you to do “Join Now.”

Start using calls-to-action to generate leads for your business

These companies all use call-to-action that follow best practices and generate leads for their business. There's no overstating the importance of featuring a powerful call-to-action on each page of your site.


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