By: John Bonini

on December 13th, 2012

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Buyer Personas: Tips for Appealing to your Target Audience Blog Feature Subscribe

By: John Bonini

 on December 13th, 2012

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Buyer Personas: Tips for Appealing to your Target Audience

Buyer Personas

The following is an excerpt from IMPACT's popular ebook, "The Ultimate Guide for Creating Profitable Buyer Personas." Be sure to check out the full ebook for more on ensuring you're targeting the right audience with detailed buyer personas.

Let us ask you one simple, yet often overlooked question: how can you possibly sell to your customers if you have no idea who your customer is in the first place? Sure sure. You already know who your idea prospect is. Or do you?

Keep in mind this isn't about guesswork. It's not about hunches. It's about research and hard data that paints the picture of your ideal prospect and allows you to more effectively market to your target audience.

Creating a buyer persona provides you with insight on your customer. You can come up with information such as:

  • Who they are (age, gender, demographic, socioeconomic status, etc.)

  • What they’re buying from you

  • What motivates them to buy from you

If you're interested in learning more about turning these tips into actual results, be sure to check out the full ebook.

The Benefits of Creating Buyer Personas

Having well thought out buyer personas is critical to your business. From our experience, failing to take the time to really sit down and envision these “fictional characters” who are your customers can cripple or even completely destroy your business.

So why do you need a buyer persona? Consider these points:

  • Knowing who you’re catering to will help you make crucial business decisions, such as where you should go with your product development or what type of products and services you should be offering

  • If you want to build a marketing message that can actually sell, you need to know who you’re selling to. This will also help you keep your marketing budget as low as possible and streamline the sales process

  • Your executive management staff will understand who the customer is and how to allocate the business budget accordingly

  • You’ll make more money because your sales team will actually know who they’re selling to

Streamlining the Lead Nurturing Process

IMPACT is an inbound marketing agency focused on generating more qualified traffic and leads from your website to ultimately drive sales and produce results. Request a free assessment with IMPACT below and learn how we can help you transform your marketing!

Now here’s some real shocking news: In the report “The State of B2B Demand Generation: Disjointed” which was produced by Jeff Ernest, the Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, found that a mere 5% of companies actually follow a streamlined lead-nurturing process in which every customer contact is orchestrated.

Why the lack of attention and care? This may be because of another stat that the report revealed, stating that only 3% of marketers and businesses think that they “wow” potential leads by knowing what information customers need and giving it to them.

So why aren’t these businesses “wowing” their visitors, leads and customers? The reason is simple. They aren’t creating quality buyer personas. It’s no wonder that only 44% of marketers said that their potential prospects view their communications as “disjointed” or “hit or miss” (Forrester, “The State of B2B Demand Generation: Disjointed”, May 2011). That’s almost half of a businesses communications essentially going to waste.

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