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By: Brittany Balog on November 1st, 2012

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Building Successful Campaigns Around your Marketing Content

Content Marketing | Campaign Management

marketing contentYou have created an offer that is too good to be true!

Now here comes the hard part…building an inbound marketing campaign around the offer.

The goal is to engage people and have them request your offer so you can push them down the sales funnel to generate sales for your company.

You can successfully achieve this by creating multiple blog articles, sending out marketing emails, creating call-to-actions to promote the offer throughout your website, and designing a social media plan.

Does this seem like a lot to do for your offer? Read our new ebook, “How to be the King of Content Marketing” to learn more about building campaigns for your marketing content.

Blog Articles

Frequent blogging establishes credibility and drives traffic to the marketing content regarding your offer. Create 5 or more topics that are based around your offer. You can create blog topics relating to your buyer personas and focus on a specific part of the sales funnel you are trying to reach with this offer.

The blog articles you create should reflect the personality of your company and provide information about your offer. Paying attention to industry news and trends and relating it to your offer will bring reliable leads to your content. Make sure you use attractive headlines to grab your reader’s attention and get them to engage with your content.

Blogging gives you the chance to explain why your offer is needed. Create the need or want for this offer to your buyers. Make them want to have what you are offering by creating useful blog posts and being creative with your writing. You do not want to push readers away by making it sound like a sales pitch.


Once you have at least 5 interesting topics that relate to your offer you can optimize your blog page with calls-to-action. This gives you a chance to put your call-to-actions around your article and drive people directly to your offers landing page.

Call-to-actions provide a visual way to promote your content and directly engage people to click through to the landing page. Create attractive graphics that will leave readers wanting to know more. You can use inbound marketing software such as HubSpot, to track the success of your call-to-actions and see if they are working or if you need to try a different approach.

Make sure to optimize the call-to-actions on your blog, website and in your email marketing offers so that reader’s can easily get to the offer you are promoting.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is important because you can directly contact leads. Email marketing allows you to segment your already existing contacts to promote your new offer.

The difficult part about email marketing is getting people to open the email. Make sure your segmented list matches the offer you are promoting. The list should only include people in a specific part of the sales funnel with a specific amount of knowledge on what you are offering. In order to get people to open the email, make sure you have an attractive subject line that is not to ‘sales-y’ or looks like a SPAM email. That will land you directly in their spam folder or trash.

Your email should include information regarding your offer. You can direct them to a blog post regarding the offer or directly to the offer itself depending on your buyer personas and what stage of the sales funnel the people on your email list are in. You may want to design a plan of two or three emails to establish the need for the offer and lead then them directly to the offer. Make sure you organize your email marketing campaign around your offer and are very specific so you are targeting people that will turn into leads and customers.

Social Media

Social media is a quick way to promote your offer to a very large amount of people. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN, and Pinterest to name a few can not only promote your offer, but also engage others to share your content.

Getting people to share your content is a great way to reach a new segment of people that could be potential leads. Promote your blog posts throughout your social media outlets. Provide knowledge regarding the topic you are promoting before you promote the actual offer. This way people will be engaged in your content and then want to know more by receiving your offer. Once you establish a background and a need for your offer, promote the actual offer using your calls-to-action and direct link to the offers landing page.

Build your Marketing Content Campaign

There is a lot involved in creating a campaign to promote your marketing content and offers. Learn more about creating these campaigns in our new ebook, “How to be the King of Content Marketing” or contact IMPACT to learn how we can help!

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