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By: Dan Baum on October 20th, 2012

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Boosting your Lead Conversions with Smart CTA's

Lead Generation

Smart CTAWhat's your definition of smart in terms of marketing? How about a call-to-action that can change itself based on information from the person viewing?

I don't think you can get much smarter than that! I'm talking about HubSpot's new Smart CTA's, the next huge thing in the world of marketing automation.

You know that in today's day and age, standard marketing campaigns will always lose to a personalized lead experience. You need to be constantly changing you marketing based on the type of lead that is visiting your company and how they're engaging once on your site. And it just got a ton easier.

Smart CTA's are customized calls-to-action that are personalized to the type of lead that is viewing them. It's a great way to bring marketing automation out of lead nurturing, and actually use it to improve your lead conversion and lead generation.

Let IMPACT help! We can set up a new smart CTA campaign for your company! Contact us for more information.

What is a Smart CTA?

With the new HubSpot 3, a lot of great updates came through. By using contact information in your lead database, smart CTA's allow you to place different CTA's on your site based on the lead's profile and history with your company. It's a personalized lead nurturing tool that can drastically improve your lead conversion rates.

With smart CTA capabilities, you can organize and segment your leads based on many different criteria, like geographic location, demographics, and gender. You can set up a different smart CTA for each of these, and watch your lead conversion improve right before your eyes.

Also, if one of your website visitors happens to download one of your offers, the next time they come to your website, they'll be greeted with a different call-to-action, effectively pushing them further down the sales funnel.

How do I Use Smart CTA's?

Alright imagine this: A first time lead enters your site. They have no idea what they want, or even what your company does. They poke through your site for a bit, and they stumble upon this nifty little smart CTA! It has information about a free ebook about working with your company.

But wait, now along comes a long time customer that has purchased from you many times. They don't need the same CTA as the first time lead. They already know what it's like working with you. You should be using this space to advertise a new service that this particular lead has not purchased yet. Maybe it will spark their interest! But it is definitely more effective than using the same CTA over and over again.

Ideally you want to have a variety of smart CTA's throughout your site, one for every level of the buying process. Prospective leads should not get the same CTA that prospective sales get! You can take this to another level as well. Break your sales funnel down within your current setup.

Identify your leads on the top of the funnel that came from your blog, website, and social media outlets. Now that you segmented your leads, you can create even more CTA's for them to get, so that they are even further personalized! This can easily boost your lead conversion rates, and dramatically increase sales!

The ultimate goal of marketing automation is to give the right information, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right way. With Smart CTA's on HubSpot 3, you can do just that and more, and see a huge spike in your lead conversion rates.

What criteria do you use to segment your Smart CTA's?

Looking to implement smarts CTAs on your website to help improve your lead conversion? Contact IMPACT and learn how we can help!

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About Dan Baum

Dan Baum is a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT. For several years, he's aided in client strategy execution and content creation.

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