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By: Keith Caro on January 25th, 2013

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Bing's Improved Social Search: Can They Reach Google's Level?

Social Media Marketing

bings-improved-social-search-can-they-reach-googles-levelSo Bing and Facebook partnered up.. sounds like a pretty good team, right? Especially since Facebook's "Graph Search" was released on January 15th. By focusing on four social signals, (people, photos, places and interests), this new feature supplies you content that you actually care about.

Bing has heightened the social search experience with 5x more social power. Anytime you use Bing, the regular results will appear, as well as PPC ads on the side... but if you're already signed into Facebook, a new side bar appears with your Graph Search results. Awesome!- a complete search that enhances the way you find information!

So how can you use Bing (and this new feature) to your advantage? And why should you care?

The Improvements to Bing's Social Search Results

Bing is no stranger when it comes to incorporating social data in their search results. Since June of 2012, Bing has provided intuitive social data such as Facebook likes, photos, and profile details. This social function is displayed in the far right corner and shows information that is relevant to you search.

But now they're improving their game and adding 5x more content, giving them an edge and maximizing the user's experience.

Here's a brief example... the search "cheap airline tickets" generates main-website results, PPC ads in the middle, and Facebook information from your friends on the right. This Facebook addition includes links, photos, comments, status updates, or likes related to cheap airline tickets.

This not only expands the user's social reach, but it can also help the user make a quick and effortless decision, cutting out all of that unwanted frustration.

Why Should Marketers Care

Watch out Google! As stated by comScore, Bing's 16% market share is creeping up on Google's coat tail of (66.7%), and seems to be a force to be reckoned with. Bing paving its way to popularity, by becoming a preferred way to search for information.

By emphasising the connection Bing's users have with personalized content, the experience becomes less annoying, which in the end, proves to be more effective.

So why should marketers care? Simple- even though Google is the primary search engine for most people, Bing's users are increasing. It's more likely people will eventually discover the new features, making Bing the go-to search engine.

When trying to increase your social reach, there are 2 important things to know: 1) You need great content to engage the customer and 2) High visibility on social media platforms will strengthen your reach.

Bing has created the ultimate search engine that combines every platform and allows the user to find all the information they need in one place. Optimizing every piece of content is even more important now. If someone were to search Bing for any content, you want to be at the top of every list.

Bing can potentially increase your chances of getting leads. Doesn't everyone want an increase of leads? That's why it's so important to maximize your visibility on your website and every social media site.

But you need more than just a Facebook page; you need valuable content shared throughout social media platforms to increase results. Because Bing has improved their social search engine results, you should start paying attention to this up-and-coming search engine, and notice it's possibilities for your company.

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