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"Behind the Screens Crossover" The IMPACT Show Ep. 31 [Show Notes]

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Behind the Screens Crossover The IMPACT Show Ep. 31 [Show Notes] Blog Feature

Published on December 15th, 2017

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Growing up, I used to love seeing one of my favorite TV shows do a crossover episode with another. It just made the TGIF block that much more fun, don't you think?

Well, for my fellow millennials and all our viewers, we did a little something different with episode 31 of The IMPACT Show, this week.

We joined forces with our web series, Behind the Screens to give you a very candid look at how The IMPACT Show is made and how things really run in our office.

Enjoy and make sure to share with your peers!

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IMPACT Updates

  • It's our last team week of the year! The entire team is in office and we've had several team activities planned.
  • We'll be hosting our annual holiday party tonight. Our theme is the Roaring Twenties and have lots of fun surprises planned. Stay tuned to Instagram for updates on that!

What Marketers Be Talkin' 'Bout

Morning Routines:

Contrary to what the media has portrayed for years, not every successful person is early to rise or ultra-productive in the morning. This is something Creator's Block discussed this week and that marketers have been debating in IMPACT Elite.

Check out the episode here, then join the discussion in Elite here

"Test" Practices:

Also in IMPACT Elite, we've been seeing a lot of discussion over inbound marketing best practices and the role they should play in your strategy.

  • Every audience is different
  • Best practices should just search as a jumping off platform. Use them to benchmark how your audience's true interests through testing.

Digital Marketing News

Where each week, Nick and I share one thing from the world of digital marketing that caught our eye and we found interesting to share.

The Repeal of Net Neutrality Conversational Marketing

  • Today, Net Neutrality was officially repealed.
  • Puts Internet users and small businesses at the mercy of internet service providers who can now legally charge you for accessing particular websites or services (i.e. accessing Facebook may cost you more or less than streaming from Netflix).
  • Read more about the repeal Net Neutrality here

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