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Steve Bookbinder is the CEO and sales expert at DM Training. He has delivered more than 5,000 workshops and speeches to clients all over the world and has trained, coached, and managed more than 50,000 salespeople and managers. Steve continuously refreshes his training content to reflect his latest first-hand observations. Through him, participants in his trainings learn the best practices of today’s most successful sellers and managers across industries. Steve understands that sales is a competitive game. To out-perform competitors and our own personal best results, we need to out-prospect, out-qualify, out-present and out-negotiate everyone else, not merely know how to sell. Through his specialty programs in Prospect Management, Personal Marketing, Great First Meetings, Sales Negotiating, and Sales Coaching, Steve trains sales teams to master the skills they need to overcome the challenges they face in today’s world… and keep improving results year over year.

Sales Customer Service

2 Ways to Get Your Sales & Customer Success Team Working Together

By: Steve Bookbinder June 20th, 2018

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The struggle is real. Organizations everywhere are challenged with the growing issue of alignment across departments. They know their strategies, organizational capabilities, resources, and management systems should all be arranged to support a shared company mission and purpose, but the challenge is when leaders pay too much attention to one area of the business and not enough to others. This is inevitable. Marketing is going to care about marketing, sales about sales, and so on. The key to success, however, is getting these disparate departments to work together and create a seamless experience for both the internal organization as well as the customers.

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B2B Selling

Hone Your Digital Research Skills To Succeed At Competitive Selling!

By: Steve Bookbinder May 21st, 2018

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It’s a fact: digital skills are essential to succeeding in today's competitive business landscape --but keeping up with the changes is becoming more and more difficult. A recent CapGemini/LinkedIn survey revealed that while more than half of organizations surveyed acknowledge a widening digital skills gap, and while even more agree that this shortage is hampering digital transformation efforts, many still have no formal plan in place to improve. How can this be?

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Sales Productivity

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Increase Your Sales Productivity Today

By: Steve Bookbinder April 19th, 2018

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It’s that time of year again; when we clean out the old to plan and make room for the new. “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” –Leo Tolstoy This applies to a variety of things in your personal life like clearing out your closets, renovating an area of your home, or planting new seeds in your garden.

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Sales & Marketing Alignment

6 Digital Marketing Terms to Enhance Your Sales Approach

By: Steve Bookbinder March 21st, 2018

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Sales and marketing are becoming synonymous and discussed in tandem more and more. People are finally catching on to the idea that these two seemingly divergent departments actually have a lot to offer one another (although we’ve been telling you this for a while)! To help support our argument even more, consider these statistics:

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Social Media Marketing Sales Marketing Statistics

9 Social Selling Stats to Motivate Your Sales Approach

By: Steve Bookbinder February 28th, 2018

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The impact and evolution of digital media has created a shift in the buyer’s sales journey. Digital channels now influence 92% of B2B buying decisions, while half of B2B buyers prefer to gather the information necessary to make these decisions on their own. If you’re only using phone and email to find, attract, and retain business, that means you’re missing an essential component to your strategy: social selling.

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Sales Creative Inspiration

Try New Things to Grow Your Sales Career! 4 Ideas to Get You Started

By: Steve Bookbinder January 18th, 2018

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Have you ever considered the relationship between trying something new and achieving success and happiness? Whether you realize it or not, you likely spend the majority of your day doing the same things you’ve done hundreds or thousands of times before. On one hand, having a routine is great for providing structure, efficiency, and comfort, but on the other hand, falling into one day in and day out can make you feel like a bystander in your own life. When’s the last time you ventured outside of your normal routine?

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How to Analyze a Lost Sale: 3 Simple Must-Follow Steps

By: Steve Bookbinder December 20th, 2017

Blog Feature

Could have. Would have. Should have. These are likely the thoughts going through your head when reflecting on a lost sales opportunity. But is this thought process productive? Thinking about what you could have, should have and would have done if only…is enough to drive anyone crazy.

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Sales Technology

Info Gathering for Sales Reps: 7 Tools You Should Be Using & When

By: Steve Bookbinder November 16th, 2017

Blog Feature

Information gathering is important to any sales process. Gathering the right information is even more critical, but oftentimes, the step in the sales process that goes off track. But, what information are you collecting and why?

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