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Philip Mahler

Philip is the Head of Marketing for iMotions, a biometric research software platform. Philip specializes in software and SaaS marketing and believes data is the key to success and will go to great lengths to find the right insights. In his spare time he will probably be playing with his Rubik’s cube trying to beat the world record.

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Eye Tracking Software: How Science Helps You See Through Customer’s Eyes [Infographic]

By: Philip Mahler on February 24th, 2018

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50 years ago you didn’t have to catch the consumer’s eye. It was enough to have a superior product. 50 years ago marketing boiled down to not much more than supply and demand or people buying the brands that their parents bought. But 50 years ago, networks were also just switching over to color TV and the internet was an underground government project. I think it’s safe to say times have changed!

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