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Natalie Davis

Natalie has been integrating, training, and strengthening employees’ cultural connections with IMPACT since 2010. In her current role as the Director of Talent, Natalie engages in all aspects of employee experience. Outside of her roles at IMPACT, Natalie is an avid foodie with a self-admitted olive addiction. She averages 2-3 eye-rolls per day for her puns and dad jokes, and prides herself on uncovering new coupon apps.

IMPACT Live Career

6 Things Your Applications Need to Do to Get the Best Job Candidates

By: Natalie Davis June 18th, 2018

Blog Feature

Hiring is hard, partially because reviewing candidates is extremely hard.

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Agency Growth Culture

6 Things You Should Accomplish While Building Out Your Culture Code

By: Natalie Davis April 30th, 2018

Blog Feature

A few years ago, after seeing HubSpot’s Culture Code slide deck, we knew we wanted to create one for ourselves. After creating something that we really liked at the time, when we recently took a look at it we realized it needed a total refresh. We wanted it to represent the IMPACT we are today, which is very different than the IMPACT a few years ago.

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Culture Hiring

How to Get a Job in Marketing (Hint: It Involves Really Trying) [+Video]

By: Natalie Davis December 22nd, 2017

Blog Feature

Whether you’re just starting out, changing companies, or making a career shift, getting a job in marketing can be pretty tough. I remember this very clearly from when I was first trying to get a job in the industry.

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IMPACT Stories Leadership Culture

Your Retention is Only as Good as Your Hiring Process. Here's How We Fixed Ours.

By: Natalie Davis October 2nd, 2017

Blog Feature

When I think back to how simplistic our hiring process used to be, it doesn’t surprise me that we had such severe turnover. After a quick review of their resume, we’d bring people into the IMPACT office for a brief in-person interview. Then, for the most part, we’d ask a few questions regarding their experience, their taste in music, and then the most important question - when can you start? Woah, slow down! At least take a candidate to lunch first, am I right?

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Agency Growth Leadership Culture

How We Shifted IMPACT’s Culture for a Partially Remote Team

By: Natalie Davis June 20th, 2017

Blog Feature

To say remote working is a hot topic right now would be quite the understatement. 

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Technology Culture

7 Hiring Tools We Use to Find Kick-Ass Talent

By: Natalie Davis April 24th, 2017

Blog Feature

Currently sitting in my inbox, I have countless emails from companies trying to sell me on new hiring tools, asking me to upgrade my current products, or comparing the hiring options out there. With all the noise, it’s difficult to know where to put my energy and which tools are really the most appropriate for IMPACT’s hiring needs. To give you a little background: At the height of our hiring this year, we were probably looking to fill 3-4 positions at once. In the past year, we have filled 9 full-time positions and 2 internships that eventually transitioned into full-time roles. Never in the history of IMPACT have we ever felt more confident in the people that we’re hiring and the processes that we’re using to find them.

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How to Retain Your Top Marketing Talent: 6 Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

By: Natalie Davis February 28th, 2017

Blog Feature

A little over a month ago I wrote an article about the qualities to look for in your next marketing hire - but what if you’ve already got your dream team? Once you have the ideal employees on board, you need  to learn some tactics to keep them. So, here I am again with some tips on how to retain those ideal employees at your organization. Now, before I dive in, I want to be very transparent about our retention history at IMPACT. Back in 2015, we had our highest turnover rate to date. Between leadership realizing that some people weren’t cut out for IMPACT and other people deciding it wasn’t the place for them, we went months where we lost an employee just about every two weeks. Yikes.

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Culture Recruiting Hiring

5 Qualities to Look For in Your Next Marketing Strategist, Coordinator, Anyone!

By: Natalie Davis January 19th, 2017

Blog Feature

Hiring is tough. It takes practice, patience, and some good old trial-and-error. Over the last couple years, I’ve worked with our CEO to further develop our hiring process. We’ve had a lot of great successes -- as well as some epic failures. Through all of our experiences, however, we never got discouraged.

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