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Karisa Egan

As an Inbound Marketing Consultant at IMPACT, Karisa enjoys brainstorming and executing on Inbound strategy. When she's not soaking up as much knowledge and skill as she can from her peers, she's using her degree in Journalism to dig deep into her clients' organizations to discover what they really need to be a success. In her free time, Karisa can be found being chased by Zombies on her daily runs or cuddling with her two cats.

Google Analytics

5 Red Flags to Look for in Your Google Analytics Data

By: Karisa Egan June 19th, 2018

Blog Feature

In today’s marketing world data is more valuable than ever. It helps you make more informed strategic decisions and get you the results you need -- but only if you take action on it. Luckily, Google Analytics (GA) provides concrete data on what’s happening on your website every day and help you find and take down red flags before it’s too late. Once you start making Google Analytics a normal part of your routine, you’ll likely notice what’s wrong with your website immediately rather than finding out you were missing key things from the start.

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Social Media Marketing Brand Awareness

6 Social Media Marketing Failures & What You Can Learn from Them

By: Karisa Egan May 29th, 2018

Blog Feature

I think it’s safe to say that social media has taken over (almost) everyone's life. Think about it; how many times a day do you open Instagram or Facebook casually just to see what your friends are up to? I know I’m on there at least 20 times a day mindlessly scrolling and brands are smart. they’ve caught on to this behavior. That’s why while you’re scrolling through your friends post you’re likely to see a brand’s pop in there every so often. Typically they’re easy to pass over, but then there are some that really catch your attention. that’s the whole goal, right? But, what if they catch your attention for the wrong reason? Like offending your values or making you feel totally alienated from their brand?  

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Video Marketing Infographics

What You Need to Know to Livestream Like a Pro [Infographic]

By: Karisa Egan April 21st, 2018

Blog Feature

Every time I talk about live-streaming, whether it be with my coworkers, clients, or even friends, I always hear one of these four excuses: I don’t have the right equipment to make it look professional I’m not interesting or what I’m talking about isn’t interesting I’ve never live streamed before so it would be a disaster But it’s live, I’m not prepared! I hate hearing those responses! Between Facebook and Instagram, live streaming has become such a big thing not only in everyday live, but in the world of marketing, it can’t be ignored. Instead of making excuses or being afraid of the live stream movement, take a few minutes to get familiar with it and you’ll realize it’s not so bad. .

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Marketing Strategy

8 Things You're Doing Wrong In Your Marketing Brainstorm Meetings

By: Karisa Egan March 16th, 2018

Blog Feature

With Q2 quickly approaching, I’m sure you’ve taken the time to get your marketing team together and brainstormed a million new ideas to try out...right? Whether you have or haven’t yet, there’s a strong chance you’re not making the most out of your marketing brainstorm meetings.

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Agile Marketing Productivity

17 Organizational Hacks To Cut Through the Stress of Your Growing To-Do List

By: Karisa Egan January 16th, 2018

Blog Feature

Have you ever stared at your to-do list and felt yourself getting more and more stressed out? Or worried you’re never going the reach the end? There have tons of times I’ve become frantic thinking about how many things I need to get done, with only 24 hours in the day. It’s taken me many stress-filled days to realize organization was the answer to conquering my growing to-do list.

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Agency Growth Customer Satisfaction

How to Break Up With A Customer (& Still Maintain a Good Relationship)

By: Karisa Egan November 16th, 2017

Blog Feature

“It’s not you it’s me.” You’ve probably heard this phrase a million times in romantic comedies or maybe in your own life, but have you heard that from a client? Probably not. In my experience, you’re more likely to hear “It’s not me, it’s you,” when dealing with a client or customer breakup.

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Paid Social Instagram Marketing

How to Create Truly Great Instagram Ads

By: Karisa Egan September 21st, 2017

Blog Feature

Instagram is by far my favorite app. I constantly check my feed to see what my friends or favorite celebrities are up to. To me, Instagram is a personal way to connect with others by showing them exactly what you’re doing or what’s important to you. And I know I’m not alone with my love for the app. With over 700 million monthly users, advertising your company on Instagram can put you in front of a whole new audience. The best part? It’s all done right through Facebook, so if you’ve run a Facebook ad campaign recently you’re already ahead of the game! If you haven’t been taking advantage of Instagram ads yet now’s the time to do it. Let’s break down how to do this.

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Marketing Technology

What is Amazon Spark (& How Can Marketers Use it?)

By: Karisa Egan August 1st, 2017

Blog Feature

Amazon Spark was released earlier this month putting the online giant into yet another digital space -- social networking. Only available on Amazon’s mobile app, Spark is a place for users to share photos of different products they’ve tried or are selling via the Amazon Marketplace, and explore suggestions.

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