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Jason Swenk guides digital agency owners in growing, scaling, enjoying, and eventually selling their agencies. After a brief career in the corporate world, he founded his own digital agency and ran it for 12 years working with clients such as Hitachi, Lotus Cars, and AT&T. After selling his agency for 8-figures in 2012, Jason decided to develop the support and resources he wishes he'd had while running his agency. Today, he is passionate about being the #1 resource to agencies around the world, sharing his knowledge on his weekly podcast, daily vlog, as a frequent guest on other radio and podcast shows, speaking at events, and most recently in his first book, Accelerating Your Agency: An 8 System Playbook for Growing Your Agency Faster released June 2018.

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Agency Growth Contributor

Bad Agency Experiences: How to Turn Sales Objection Into Opportunity Part 3 [+Video]

By: Jason Swenk on September 4th, 2018

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Do you want to win more new agency business? Of course you do, but it can be hard when your prospects have already had a negative experience with the competition. In this article and video, I'll teach you how to turn their negative experiences with other agencies into a win for you and yours.

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Sales Contributor

“Let Me Think About It:” How to Turn Sales Objection Into Opportunity Part 2 [+Video]

By: Jason Swenk on August 7th, 2018

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This is the second installment in my series on Agency Sales Objection Handling. If you missed last month’s article, it’s all about how to respond when a new business prospect says “send me more information”... which is super annoying, right? But equally frustrating is when you spend a ton of time winning a new client only to hear them say, "let me think about it."

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Sales Agency Growth Contributor

How to Turn Sales Objection Into Opportunity: Agency Sales Series [+Video]

By: Jason Swenk on July 5th, 2018

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Have you ever felt like your proposal really knocked it out of the park, only to have the prospect put you off? It has happened to all of us at one time or another. (Probably more times than we’d care to admit.) You put a ton of time, energy, and effort into a stellar proposal and then you’re hit with a lackluster response… Something like, “let me talk to my partner” or “let me see if we have the money” or my personal favorite, “send me more information.”   Are these responses put-offs or simply  objections that can be flipped into something positive?

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