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Ed Marsh is a strategy & growth consultant for B2B companies. His work builds on experiences of former paratrooper, global market expansion, HubSpot partner, and channel sales models. He’s done the work on which he consults! Ed’s a keynote speaker for large companies and trade associations, exploring the disconnect between buying journeys and sales models. He’s a contributor to publications including Entrepreneur, and Industry Today. Ed developed the Sales Fracking™ model for Buyer Intent Data.

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Sales & Marketing Alignment Contributor

6 Ways Buyer Intent Data Fosters Sales & Marketing Alignment

By: Ed Marsh on June 14th, 2018

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It’s widely accepted that the internet has enabled changes in buyer behaviors which have disrupted traditional marketing and sales approaches.   The exploding universe of sales and MarTech software tools has enabled methodologies like inbound marketing. It’s allowed companies to deliver better experiences to prospects and buyers, but it’s also often created internal friction.

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