Angela Myrtetus

Director of Strategy, 15+ Years in Digital Strategy and Product Innovation

Angela is a Principal Marketing Strategist, a mom to three kids and a golden retriever and a wife to a sports radio show host here in Philly. She likes long walks on the trail, spending time with the fam, date nights at Costco with the hubs, taking trips to the NJ shore and giving all of her data away to Facebook.

When she’s not doing all of those awesome things, she’s managing a team of five at IMPACT, ensuring that they are giving their very best to our clients; encouraging them to think outside of the norm when it comes to building the best strategies, testing and diving into analytical data and horseback riding.

That last thing is a lie, but her honeymoon consisted of five days in a shelter (AKA school house) in Mexico with 40 people in one tiny classroom with NO bathrooms while riding out Hurricane Wilma, which was a Cat 5. Their honeymoon boot camp produced a pretty strong marriage over the last 12 years!

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