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Are You Spamming People? [Flowchart] Blog Feature

March 10th, 2015 min read

Remember when you used to enjoy getting email? 

Sure you do. Who could ever forget that endorphin rush after 17 minutes waiting on dial up internet to finally hear “You've Got Mail”?


It was the 90s. You were younger, more sprightly, Adam Sandler was still funny, and your inbox didn’t look like the inside of the Yellow Pages. 

Then marketers ruined everything. (Except Sandler. Everything post-Spanglish did that.)

By the late 90s, everyone had an email address. This also meant that every company had access (if they wanted it) to yours. 

The result? You started getting emails from EVERYONE. It was no longer an enjoyable experience. The advent of SPAM filters and software helped, but the damage was done. We’ll forever view our inbox with a dose of suspicion every morning. 

But here’s the worst part: many who hate receiving SPAM are actually keeping it alive in their day jobs as marketers.

Are you one of them? Check out this handy flowchart to find out. 

(Click here to enlarge the image!)

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