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By: John Bonini on January 7th, 2013

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9 Ways to Turn Your Buyer Personas Into Customers

Buyer Personas

buyer personasThe following is an excerpt from IMPACT's popular ebook, "The Ultimate Guide for Creating Profitable Buyer Personas." For more expert tips on more effectively targeting your ideal prospects, check out the full ebook.

So you know who your ideal prospects are, right?

Of course you do. They're people who are in need of whatever product or service you're offering. That was easy.

Hold up. While your ideal prospect will obviously have a need for what you're offering, do you know where their need stems from? Do you know anything about their personality, such as what types of actions affect their purchasing decisions?

Knowing this type of information would make marketing your product/service a helluva lot easier wouldn't it? This is exactly why so much emphasis has been placed upon developing detailed buyer personas in order to more effectively target ideal consumers and know what it takes to close the deal.

So what goes into developing accurate buyer personas? Funny you should ask, as we've detailed the resources used to create the most detailed personas possible.

If you're interested in learning more about turning these tips into actual results, be sure to check out the entire ebook.

Turning your Buyer Personas into Customers


Forms can tell you a whole lot about your customers, and, depending on where a visitor may be in the lead nurturing process, you may want to use a different form to reach different objectives. Luke Wroblewski, the author of the book “Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks” defines the three main reasons of having a form and their expected outcome best in the chart below:

9 Ways to Turn Your Buyer Personas Into Customers

Conduct Loyal Customer Interviews

We either work with our clients so that they can conduct these interviews in person, or we can create a survey that will go out to a customer after he or she completes a purchase on your website. How they found your site, why they chose you, and what drove them to buy your product and service are all typical questions that we’d ask. We also ask about what they loved and what they hated about their buying experience on your site.

Use Lead Intel

By using top of the line marketing analytical tools we’re able to uncover the statistical information that allows us to look up things like a lead or customer’s email and social media behaviors, what they look at when at your site, where they came from, where they went after visiting your site, and so on. HubSpot has created an incredibly intuitive lead, tracking and intelligence tool that you can download to help you with your own lead intelligence efforts.

Your Sales Team Knows Best

Lastly, listen to your sales team. While you may think that you know who you’re selling to, it’s your sales team that’s assisting your customers day in and day out, hearing their pain points and helping people learn about your products and services. Get together with them for an informal meeting once a week to see if targets are being met and what pain points your sales team may also be having in attempting to reach those sales targets.

Implementing Buyer Personas Into Your Marketing Campaign

Once you know who your buyer is, it’s time to start implementing them into your marketing campaign. There are four different ways that this is best executed:

  • Through content
  • Through landing pages
  • Through your website
  • Through CTAs

Through Content

Gleanster Research has recently revealed that there is a direct correlation between the amount of time that a visitor spends on a website when reading relevant content and the likelihood of any of that engagement leading to a sale (Gleanster Research, 2011).

What does this mean to you? That you have to tailor your content to suit your buyer. We skip adding any useless or “untargeted” content to your site and focus on giving your primary buyer persona exactly what he or she wants through web articles, blogs, videos, audio, and any other type of content on your site.

9 Ways to Turn Your Buyer Personas Into Customers

Through Landing Pages

What we at IMPACT really love about landing pages is that you can (and should) have more than one landing page, each tailored for different personas (if you have secondary buyer personas) and/or for different parts of the lead nurturing process.

Though many B2B and B2C companies don’t currently utilize landing pages, those that have effectively integrated their buyer personas when tailoring specific landing pages have increased their conversion rates by up to 48% (Marketing Sherpa, 2011).

Through Your Website

Using images, colors, and jargon that your buyer persona will understand and appreciate is one way to build a visitor’s trust in you and your business. HubSpot also mentions another great tactic that has proven effective: a “choose your own adventure” style set up that allows your visitor to determine who they are and what they want from you:

From there, you can create customized pages for each buyer persona that include targeted content, landing pages and offers, thus increasing the likelihood of lead and customer conversion.

Through CTAs

The final piece of the buyer persona puzzle is creating calls-to-action (CTAs) that will speak to your visitor or lead through every step of the lead nurturing process. When we know who your buyer is, we create CTAs that are tailored specifically to what your visitor or lead wants and needs from you depending on where they are in the lead nurturing process.

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