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By: Katie Pritchard on January 29th, 2013

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7 Examples of Great Big Name Mobile Websites

Mobile Optimization

inbound marketing websiteThe design of your website can make or break your company- and the same goes for your mobile site. People that use their smart phone to search the internet want information immediately. Some companies' mobile sites are hard to navigate, and some companies don't even have a mobile site.

Nothing's more frustrating than visiting a website on your phone when it's a shrunken version of the full site. Zooming in and scrolling down gets annoying quickly. Chances are, if people get frustrated with your site, they'll look elsewhere for the information they need.

So, from a consumer standpoint, what makes a mobile site awesome? Obviously there's more than seven great mobile sites out there, but here's a couple mobile sites that made the top of my list...

7 Great Mobile Websites


Amazon- Mobile Site

This mobile site is pretty sweet (as it should be, since Amazon is the largest online retailer). Not only is the site easy to navigate, but it's also easy to purchase items on. You can access your amazon account and use all the preferences you normally would on the full site. The search bar is easy to use, and shows every item you would see in the full site search. There are a limited amount of tabs to click through, which makes the layout simple, and visually clean.


Target- Mobile Site

Since there are so many items on Target's site, they created a great way to easily navigate the site by organizing their browsing categories. The full site is packed with different categories to click through to with drop down bars, but the mobile site is very simple. Target also has a call to action at the top of their site. The "tap here to download the Target iPhone App" button at the top reminds people to use a different type of resource from Target. This way everyone can use the mobile site as they please, or download the app to reduce web search time.


ESPN- Mobile Site

Just like target, ESPN reminds users to download their app. Since ESPN has so much information, they categorize all of their content into sections that are easy to find. If you're looking for scores or the latest sports news, it's all simple. Also, clips on the mobile site load fast. Overall the whole site is organized, and efficient. You won't spend a lot of time searching for the information you want.


Coke- Mobile Site

Even though Coke may not have as much content to share on their full site as ESPN or Target, they still make their mobile site appealing. This simple site is easy to find your way around. The great part about Coke's mobile site is their social media links at the bottom. You can easily click on the icons and you'll be directed to Facebook or Twitter. This is great for the user if they want more information, and great for Coke, so people are able to interact with the company better.


Subway- Mobile Site

Again, there isn't a ton of content that Subway has to share, but they still manage to make is awesome. Similar to ESPN, this mobile site reminds you to bookmark their page. There is a menu page of items you can order, but I'd say the most important feature of this site is the location section. Enter your zip code or town and the site will give you the closest Subway restaurant.


CBS- Mobile Site

This mobile site is legen- wait for it... dary. Legendary. Find clips of your favorite shows in seconds (including my fav- How I Met Your Mother). There's also a schedule of the lineup for the night and a poll where you can interact and vote on your favorite shows. Everything is extremely easy to find as well as visually interesting. The menu drop-down is easy to understand and simple.


Mashable- Mobile Site

And last but definitely not least, Mashable. This mobile site has consistency with the full site by including all the information you would find on the main page. The three toggle bars at the top (New, Rising, and Hot) are easy to search through and find interesting articles. The best part about this mobile site is the navigation bar that slides in from the left. You can find articles based on their content through eight different sections. Overall, Mashable's mobile site is clean, and easy to navigate.


So, as you may have noticed, there are a couple consistencies. Here's a few tips will help you create an awesome mobile site like these seven:

  • Keep it simple
  • Be engaging
  • Make your site easy to navigate
  • Keep visual consistency
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