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Katie Pritchard

By: Katie Pritchard

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February 11th, 2013

6 Ways to Go Viral In 6 Seconds With Vine

Social Media Marketing


ViralThey say you only have a couple seconds to attract a customer... but now you literally only have six.

You've probably heard about Vine by now, and if not... you're missing out. I love this new app. It's such a creative way to make videos and share them! Plus, since Twitter bought the app, when you tweet a Vine video, it plays directly in your tweet.

Regular people (like me) and famous people (Jimmy Fallon is my personal fav) are creating awesome videos and sharing them with tons of people. Even companies have started to take advantage of this new social media tool.

So how can you create a Vine video in only six seconds, and make it to go viral?

Go Viral In 6 Seconds

Use Time-Lapse

Your video will be more interesting if you record multiple shots in the six second time frame. This time-lapse will create a story, and actually allows you to do some pretty cool stuff like making things disappear!

From a company standpoint, using time-lapse will allow you to show multiple elements of products or ideas that you want to share.

Be Funny

Just like any other viral video, be funny! People will be more attracted to funny videos, and will want to share them with others.

If you can create a funny video while having content about your company in there, you're set. Not only will people think you are funny and share your video, but you'll also get your name out there... which is exactly what you want.

Be Visually Interesting

Get creative with your Vine videos! Move around, use colors, and even incorporate sounds. You're videos don't have to look like a professional video, they just have to be awesome! As long as you've got some creative people on your team, you'll be sure to have a great video.

Of course a Vine is all about the video, so be visual and grab your viewer's attention!

Create Cool Content

One thing to remember- you don't have to promote anything in your videos. If something is relevant to your company, create a video for it. If you are a company that creates accessories, do something with your new product!

Regular ads may be showing the product benefits, but by creating a video with your new product in it, you'll get the word out there and not sound so sales-y.

Use Hashtags

Just like Twitter, use relevant hashtags in your posts. This way, people will be able to find your videos, and for you to organize similar videos into different categories.

By using hashtags, more people will find you which means more people will follow you! Try to gain a following on Vine. This way if people really like your videos, and are commenting on them, you'll reach the most popular section, and then you'll reach even more people.

Share, Share, Share

Ah, the golden rule of content on social media... share it everywhere! While creating hashtags for your Vine, include a post to your Twitter account too. The hashtags will transfer over, and you'll share your video with your already loyal Twitter followers, who may not be on Vine.

How to Use Vine for Business

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Katie helps people and their companies identify key areas of opportunity and create and execute strategies that realize their vision. As a Delivery Lead at IMPACT, Katie oversees all activities for her clients, as well as the personal and professional growth of her team members. For Katie, helping clients realize their vision and goals is the most important and rewarding part of the job. She is Inbound and HubSpot certified and continues to stay up to date with marketing trends through articles from places like MOZ, HubSpot, and Copyblogger. Outside of the office, Katie enjoys spending time with her crazy (but lovable) family, baking recipes she finds on Pinterest, and traveling the world.

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