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5 Surprisingly Effective Facebook Post Ideas To Increase Engagement

5 Surprisingly Effective Facebook Post Ideas To Increase Engagement Blog Feature

August 3rd, 2015 min read

5-surprisingly-effective-facebook-posts-ideas-to-increase-engagementHow often are you posting to Facebook? Once a day, twice a day, five times a day?

No matter how frequently you are publishing posts coming up with interesting, relevant, and creative content can be daunting.  It is a headache that many of my clients have experienced time and time again. It is very easy to get hung on posting the same messages day after day, because posting something is better than nothing right? Wrong.

Here I have compiled a list of some of my top Facebook post ideas that will help your business generate more engagement ( likes, shares, comments) and increase your overall click through rate.

1. Fill in the ____

These types of posts are fun are easy, and for some reason people love engaging with them! Rephrase a basic question that relates to your industry and watch the comments roll in.

Make sure you alert your “friends” that this is a fill in the blank post otherwise it can look like you just lost your train of thought.

I also recommend keeping an eye on the comments just in case someone goes rogue and posts something inappropriate, it is unfortunate but it does happen.

2. Share Something Inspirational

Life can get so serious sometimes; it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate the little things. With this in mind, post a motivational or inspirational image or quote. A little bit of encouragement can go a long way, especially at the beginning or end of the workweek.

3. Seasonal/Holiday Posts

Embrace the seasons and upcoming holidays and add a bit of personalization to your posts. Summer season post where your “friends” can find the best water parks, for fall share directions to your local apple orchards. These are just quick examples but in the end it is good to take a break from pushing a product, remind your followers that you are a real person.

4. Run A Contest

Come on down! Everyone loves a chance to win something. Whether you are using Facebook directly to run your content (see rules here) or you are using one of the many great contest apps out there, this is a fun way to build engagement with your followers. You have quite a few options when it comes to deciding what type of content you want to run, but here are a few suggestions:

  • A photo captain contest

  • A trivia contest

  • Photo share and voting

If you want to use a great contest app I highly recommend ShortStack. I have used their app for a few of my clients and have been very happy with the results.

5. Expert Tips

Be an industry influencer. Share a tip that is relevant to your industry that will help your followers solve a common pain point. This type of post is also a great blog idea. Put together a list of tips and helpful hacks then post one or two of the tips via Facebook each week.

Key Takeaway

Many of you may be thinking to yourself, “This seems pretty basic, where is the wow factor?!” There is a time and a place for flashy posts, but when you are trying to stay consistent and build up your engagement the amount of content you post is your key to success.

Keep your posts simple, keep them fun, and keep them interesting.

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