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By: Dan Baum on September 20th, 2012

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5 Proven Methods to Draw a Huge Webinar Audience

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Webinar AudienceSo you're looking to host a live webinar, but are nervous about the turnout?

One of the toughest aspects isn't even creating the webinar, or finding a good topic, it's getting people to actually watch it. You can have the greatest content on the internet, but without a big enough webinar audience, your expert advice will fall on deaf ears. It can be extremely frustrating!

But with a few tips and tricks, you will be the next webinar guru. So how do you build a big enough webinar audience? This post will tell you exactly what you should be doing to run an effective webinar. Webinars are great inbound marketing tools that can drastically increase your traffic and lead generation, so increasing your webinar audience is a great way to improve your marketing!

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Now, onto our tips! Here is a list of easy steps you need to take when increasing your webinar audience.

How to Draw a Huge Webinar Audience

1. You need an attractive topic! Think about it, no one will watch your webinar if it's going to put them to sleep! You want a topic that is relevant to your industry and company, and make it broad. If you have a large topic broad enough in your industry, you automatically increase your webinar audience.

You also want your topic to be specific enough so that you actually know what you're talking about. You also want to be able to be specific enough within your industry so that your webinar audience can immediately put your advice into use.

2. Give possible registrants an incentive to join. People like free stuff. And they will most likely do something for you to get it. So if you tell your leads and social media followers that you are giving away free tickets or an iPad  to members of the webinar, well, they are going to watch it. And they will learn from you and your company, which is the ultimate goal of your webinar.

3. Time things right. People don't want to be learning about office mumbo jumbo during the weekend. So weekends are off limits for your webinars. Also, Mondays and Fridays are catch up/emergency work days, so those are a big no-no as well.

Stick to the middle of the week, and you will definitely see a greater turnout. You also need to know at what time during the day most of your audience will be available to see your webinar. Odds are, first thing in the morning, last thing in the afternoon, and lunchtime are all bad times for your webinars. Stick to around 1-3 PM and you're golden!

4. Landing Pages are vital! Going back to even before your webinar audience registers, what are they going to see? They are going to want an informative landing page that lets them know exactly what will be covered during the webinar, who is hosting it, and why they should register. If you have an offer, make this clear on your landing pages! Along with this, you'll want to have a fully optimized thank you page with more information on the webinar content.

Your webinar audience can forget as well! So send them a thank you email when they register so that they will always have a link to the webinar in their email. Send them reminders as well, so that your registrants don't let your webinar slip their mind. Send them a link reminding them the date and time, as well as more information on what the webinar is about. You'll want to send them an email the day before the webinar, as well as one during the day of.

5. Blast about your webinar. Finally, you need to get the word out! Create email campaigns and send them to your dynamic email lists. Post and post again about the webinar on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. And blog! Create a post that describes what it's about and who is presenting. You really can't go wrong here. Also make sure that you are including posts and emails on your offers in the webinar as well; that is a huge incentive for registrants!

Following these simple steps can drastically increase your webinar audience, and in turn your brand awareness and online reputation. So make your next webinar a killer one!

Increase your Audience!

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Dan Baum is a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT. For several years, he's aided in client strategy execution and content creation.


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